The Seer

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Location Resting Grounds

The Seer is an NPC in Hollow Knight. The Seer is a moth and is the last surviving species of the moths and the moth tribe.


The Seer Information

The Seer is a merchant in the game that provides items and unlocks an achievement in exchange for collecting and giving Essence. She is the one who provides the Dream Nail that allows the Knight to look into the dreams of the NPCs. She is also the one rescues The Knight by guiding them through the realm of the Dreamers

She is the last member of the Moth Tribe, a nation that studied dreams and worshipped the dream deity, The Radiance. After joining Hallownest, the Moths continued to guard dream spirits, but a large portion of their culture has been forgotten over the years, particularly the worshiping practices. The Seer regards her tribe's betrayal of The Radiance as a source of guilt.

After the Knight has gathered 2400 Essence, the Sheer will ascend. While it is unclear what the process of her ascension entails, it seems that she lets go of her guilt. It is possible that she is redeemed in The Radiance's eyes and allowed to join its dream realm.

  • Location: The Seer Can be found at the Resting Grounds
  • Combat: Players may not kill The Seer.
  • Rewards: Upon the first encounter, she gives the Dream Nail.
    • Unlocks the Awakening and Ascension Achievement/Trophy for collecting a ceratin number of Essence.


Associated Quests

  • N/A


The Seer's Rewards

Reward Price (Essence)
Hallownest Seal 100
Unlocks the Spirits' Glade 200
Pale Ore 300
Dream Wielder Charm 500
Vessel Fragment 700
Dreamgate 900
Arcane Egg 1200
Mask Shard 1500
Awoken Dream Nail 1800
Awakening Achievement/Trophy 1800
Ascension Achievement/Trophy 2400



Those figures, those Dreamers... they reached out with what little power they still have and dragged you into that hidden place.

But that talisman you now wield, the Dream Nail... it can cut through the veil that separates the waking world from our dreams. Even the Dreamers themselves can not hide from such a weapon.

Though I must admit, that sacred blade has dulled over time. Together perhaps, we can restore its power. You only have to bring me Essence.

Essence... the precious fragments of light that dreams are made of. Collect it wherever you find it, and bring it to me. Once we have enough, we can work wonders together.

Go out into the world, Wielder. Hunt down the Essence that lingers there!

Collect 100 Essence and return to me. I will teach you more...


Notes & Tips

  • The Seer is implied to be the moth ghost that appears in the dream realm and guides The Knight's escape.
  • The Seer is one of the NPCs who knows when the Dream Nail is used on them.



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