Shopkeeper's Key

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 Location: Crystal Peak

Shopkeeper's Key is an Item in Hollow Knight. The Shopkeeper's Key belongs to Sly, the merchant in Dirtmouth. The key was lost in the Crystal Peak and can be retrieved and returned to the merchant to unlock more items for purchase.


Small brass key made in the likeness of a shopkeeper. 


How to Find the Shopkeeper's Key in Hollow Knight

The Shopkeeper's Key is located in the Crystal Peak and can be obtained as follows:

  • To the left of the room where the Crystal Guardian is first encountered, climb up the mine shaft and look for a small room on the right where the key can be collected.


Hollow Knight Shopkeeper's Key Usage

The Shopkeeper's Key can be returned to Sly in Dirtmouth to unlock more items for purchase. Returning the Shopkeeper's Key will add the following items to Sly's stock:


Hollow Knight Shopkeeper's Key Notes & Tips

  • The key's handle design bears a likeness to Sly himself.



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