Shrine of Believers

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Main Location Resting Grounds

Shrine of Believers is a Sub-Area Location in Hollow Knight. Shrine of Believers can be found within Resting Grounds. The various locations and sub-areas of the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest feature a variety of objectives, quests, and secrets that need to be uncovered, as well as NPCs and hostile characters that are encountered through your journey.


Shrine of Believers Information

  • Shrine of Believers can be found within Resting Grounds
  • Shrine of Believers is a sub-area within Resting Grounds and can be located by travelling behind the waterfall and into the room with moth statues. After reaching the room, jump to the top left, you'll see a small hidden ledge, Dream Nail the largest moth's head to access the shrine. Monarch Wings are required to jump up this ledge.
  • Shrine of Believers has lots of breakable tablets, and the outside is guarded by a mysterious ghostly Unnamed Moth.


Items Found in Shrine of Believers

  • n/a


Characters in Shrine of Believers


Enemies and Bosses in Shrine of Believers

  • n/a


Shrine of Believers Notes, Trivia and Notable Loot

  • The mysterious Unnamed Moth makes a lot of fourth-wall-breaking references, revealing that the contents of the tablets within the shrine actually contains the names of the backers, the people who helped fund the game Hollow Knight.


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