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Simply, a simple key. It will fit a variety of locks, which is useful if you like to poke around in places you don't belong.

Simple Key is an Item in Hollow Knight. It is used to unlock doors with simple locks.



 Simple Key Usage

  • Unlocks doors with simple locks, but breaks after using.



Where to Find Simple Key

  • One can be bought by shopkeeper Sly in Dirtmouth for 950 geo.
  • A key can be found in the City of Tears in a room to the top right below the stag station (City Storerooms).
  • Another is found  in Ancient Basin at the bottom of the loop west of the bench. Crystal Heart power is needed to reach it. As you encounter the third Mawlurk that is on the ceiling above the small platforms and spiked pits, cross the path and then drop down the next passage where you'll find a large dead creature that looks like a Mawlurk - you can go inside its mouth to find a secret room where you'll find 1x Simple Key next to a corpse of a bug.
  • The last is located near Colosseum of Fools. There's secret area behind a breakable wall to the right of the cage wall outside the arena. Find, chase and kill the Pale Lurker inside to acquire the key.



Simple Key Notes & Tips

  • Use a Simple Key to unlock Confessor Jiji's home at the far right of Dirtmouth, where you can give Rancid Eggs in exchange for calling your Shade
  • Use a Simple Key in City of Tears (West), in the room to the left of the foutain statue. It opens a hatch to the right, where you can see light coming out. This brings you down into the Royal Waterways.
  • Use a Simple Key in the City of Tears (East) to access the Pleasure Room.



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