Snail Shaman

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Location Ancestral Mound

Snail Shaman is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Snail Shaman is a knowledgeable being who creates and knows various spells and is assumed to be the last surviving clan of the Snail Shamans.


Snail Shaman Information

The Snail Shaman is somehow the last surviving being of his kind, he can be found at the Ancestral Mound where he provides the Vengeful Spirit spell and leaves The Knight with a task to kill an Elder Baldur. Other snail shamans who are his relatives and are dead can be found throughout Hallownest: one at the Crystallised Mound, one at the Overgrown Mound, one at the Soul Sanctum, and one (or at least one's sarcophagus) at the Resting Grounds. Some spells can be acquired from the bodies of the shamans and will trigger the Snail Shaman to reminisce about the spells and his relatives. He sadly mentions that he is bound at the Ancestral Mound, preventing him to see his family. It is unknown if this means he is simply not allowed to leave the Ancestral Mound, or if he physically cannot.

  • Location: Snail Shaman Can be found at the Ancestral Mound.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Snail Shaman.
  • Rewards: Speaking to him upon the first encounter will reward you with the Vengeful Spirit spell.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Oho! Who is that creeping out of the darkness? My, you're looking grim! A strange, empty face and a wicked looking weapon!

Something important has drawn you down into Hallownest's corpse, but I won't ask what. Perhaps the reason you've found me is because you need my help?

Say no more, friend. I'm going to give you a gift, a nasty little spell of my own creation. It's just perfect for a little one like you! Ohoho!


Notes & Tips

  • Snail Shaman is one of the few NPCs who can notice if a Dream Nail will be used on them.



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    • Snail Shaman: “Oho! Who is that creeping out of the darkness? My, you're looking grim!”

      (Meanwhile, I’m literally sporting the “Grimmknight” skin using the skin-changer PC mod to change the appearance of the Knight to look he’s a high-ranking Vessel member of the Grimm Troupe.)

      Me: “Why, yes, sir. I admit, I am indeed looking... quite Grimm! Haha...” :P

      • As rather endearing as he is (snails are so adorable!), this fellow is... rather disingenuous and sly... Sly in a dark and deceitful way... Never trust a shaman... They’re always into shady business...

        See, this old man Snail seems to kindly bestow the Knight with a mystical power, just out of the kindness of his little old heart, just upon finding him at the Ancestral Mound. As if he’s been watching and awaiting your arrival. How nice! “Congratulations for making it here, my boy! Welcome! Here’s a nifty mystical power just for you! Oh ho!”

        Aw, what a sweet little old snail—! Oh.... but the bestowal of this power just so happens to knock-out our young hero, and he later awakens to find himself literally caged-in by this somewhat sleazy mollusk upon awakening... Hmmm? The Shaman is pleased to see the boy finally awake... and captive... He just so happens to need some assistance in getting rid of an Elder Baldur in his domicile, and seeing as he apparently isn’t strong enough to wield his own power any more, he gave it to the Knight and insists in a falsely desperate manner that he wishes for the Knight to do it for him. Like, “I did something nice for you, so now *you* have to do something for me! Oh ho! See, that’s the way we shaman work, you see? And I won’t let you out of here until you’ve defeated that beast, so go along, sonny! Vanquish that old beast with the technique I bestowed upon you! Run along, now. Oh ho ho... Heheh...” >:)
        Yes, I realize the game likely presents this challenge so you can practice your new skill, but I just realized how weirdly deceptive that Snail Shaman is...

        (Ah, yes. We Grimmkin tend to overthink things quite a bit - sorry for the lengthy post again. Just my thoughts...)

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