Soul Catcher


Cost: soul_cost_hollow_knight_wikisoul_cost_hollow_knight_wiki
Geo:  N/A
Location: Ancestral Mound
Effect: Increases the amount of SOUL gained when striking an enemy with the nail.

Soul Catcher in Hollow Knight is one out of the 45 Charms that is found in the game. These charms are special items that provide The Knight buffs that will help with both traversing Hallownest and battling its foes. Charms require Notches and can only be equipped and unequipped while having The Knight sit on a bench.


Soul Catcher Information

"Used by shamans to draw more SOUL from the world around them."

Soul Catcher is a charm that is obtained in the early parts of the game, this charm provides The Knight the ability to gain more soul from striking an enemy with the nail. This can give you the opportunity to somehow frequently use your spells to heal or to conjure spell-based attacks.

For each hit from the Nail, Soul Catcher adds an additional 3 SOUL that is added to the main Soul Vessel, while an additional 2 SOUL that is added to the reserved Soul Vessels.


Soul Catcher Acquisition


Soul Catcher Notes

  • Charms can only be equipped and unequipped by using a bench.
  • Equip the Shaman Stone charm along with Soul Catcher, allowing you to frequently use powerful spells.
  • Equip the Spell Twister charm along with Soul Catcher, allowing you to cast spells with a reduced cost of SOUL with more SOUL gained.
  • Equip the Grubsong charm along with Soul Catcher to maximize the amount of SOUL gained.
  • Combining Soul Eater with Soul Catcher allows you to stack the maximum effect of gaining SOUL to 22 points to the main Soul Vessel.



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    • Anonymous

      This charm is hot garbage. 3 extra Soul per hit when you need 33 for a single cast. This gives an extra cast for every 11 hits, when it takes 9 hits to completely fill your Soul meter anyways. Complete joke when it has the same cost as Long Nail.

      • Anonymous

        One of the best charms in the game. Covers so many bases and makes up for the pathetic amount of SOUL you get without it.

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