Soul Sanctum is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Soul Sanctum was a place of worship, as well as a sort of research facility where spiritual bugs (such as the Soul Twisters, Soul Warrior, and Soul Master) experimented to try and harness the power of the SOUL to achieve immortality.


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Soul Sanctum Walkthrough

Into the Soul Sanctum

Players can reach the Soul Sanctum by heading back to where Cornifer was in the City of Tears, from here, you'll want to head down into the bottom section and head east where you'll have to fight a Soul Twister. This is a new enemy that will constantly teleport around the arena and shoot out projectiles. Upon defeating it, the door will re-open, allowing you to reach the top leading to the Soul Sanctum.

Upon arriving in the sub-area, go right, then ride the lift and dash to 2nd level where you'll find a vase that has SOUL inside. Break it and a new enemy called a Mistake will appear on your left. Once that's done, head back down, hit the switch and ride the lift again all the way to the top.

From here, go left and climb up to the 2nd level where a Soul Twister and a Mistake will spawn in the area. Kill both enemies then go right to find another jar with SOUL inside it. After you've collected the SOUL, continue going up towards northwest onto the next level where you'll find another jar with SOUL that is being guarded by another Mistake and Soul Twister. Now, just above the jar, you'll find a switch - head up and hit it to open the locked door above.

When you're done, head back down and ride the lift all the way up that will take you to a boss arena.

Boss Battle, Soul Warrior

Upon entering the arena, the doors will close and the Soul Warrior will appear. The Soul Warrior has three attacks, first is a lunge attack, the second is an overhead attack, and the third is a projectile attack. This boss is able to mix-up its attacks but each time it telegraphs its attacks it'll take about half a second before it actually executes its attack. For example, you'll know if it will perform a lunge attack when it swings its weapon behind its back before striking. To learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss, you can click here - the Soul Warrior drops Geo upon defeat.

Further into the Sanctum

After the boss battle, go right into the next section, jump down into the opening, and head all the way to the bottom to find another section you can head into to unlock a shortcut. Along the way, you'll encounter a Soul Twister, a Mistake, and a jar filled with SOUL. Once you're done, make your way to the top towards northeast where you'll find another switch, hit it to unlock the door below you then ride the lift up - continue going up and into the next section while fighting your way through 3x Mistake.

From here, you'll notice the door to your left is locked so you'll need to work your way around by jumping down to the bottom then climb back up to get to the other side. Just be careful since you'll be fighting about 3x Soul Twister as you try to reach make it around.

Once you've reached the northwestern side, you can flip the switch first that's on your right to unlock the door. Now, head left, climb up to where you'll see a Mistake and go right until you reach the end. Here, you'll be able to find the Spell Twister charm. Just be careful since there will be multiple Folly and Mistake enemies that will spawn around the area - after acquiring the charm, head back down and go left into the next section that will lead you into another boss arena.

Boss Battle, Soul Master

Upon entering the room, drop down the path where you'll find 3 jars of SOUL. Break the jars to acquire the SOUL if needed. Continue going left until you reach the arena of the boss, Soul Master. Stand in the middle and look at the background as the boss floats from behind, the battle begins once it teleports onto your position.

The Soul Master is a trickster; he fakes out his movements before he actually executes his attack. It is best to watch out for his slam attack where he'll teleport above The Knight then dive onto the ground following up with a shockwave, the Soul Master can fake this attack by teleporting twice then actually diving on the ground after the 2nd blink. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss. Another note to remember is that this boss has two phases, where at the first upon defeating him, he'll drop the Desolate Dive ability. Upon absorbing it, he'll reappear to grab the ability and then dive onto the ground causing the glass floor to break - you'll now find yourself facing the Soul Master in its second phase in the second arena.

At this point, the Soul Master will change up his attacks, allowing him to be more aggressive and dangerous. After you've finally defeated him, he'll drop the Desolate Dive ability that you can finally absorb. With this ability, you'll be able to break fragile floors and locate new areas. Now, you'll head off to the next location, the Crystal Peak.



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city of tears map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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