Soul Vessel

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 An additional storage for SOUL for The Knight.

Soul Vessel is a Stat of The Knight in Hollow Knight. Soul Vessels are additional storage for SOUL. These are represented as small circles beside the main SOUL meter. If your main SOUL meter is full, the SOUL you will be gaining afterwards will then be transferred to one of your Soul Vessels if you've already crafted one.



Soul Vessel Usage

Soul Vessels transfer the SOUL into the main SOUL meter when it has free space or when SOUL is not being used. You will also notice that there's a delay when it comes to the Soul Vessel transferring SOUL to the main meter once you've emptied it.


How to Acquire Soul Vessel

  • By collecting 3 Vessel Fragments, you'll be able to craft one Soul Vessel.
  • You can acquire a total of 3 Soul Vessels throughout the game by collecting Vessel Fragments.
  • The Nail acquires SOUL for the Soul Vessel, providing 6 SOUL per hit.
  • Equipping the Soul Catcher will increase this to 8 SOUL per hit.
  • Equipping the Soul Eater will increase this to 12 SOUL per hit.
  • The effects stack if both Soul Catcher and Soul Eater are equipped, granting you 14 SOUL per hit.


Soul Vessel Notes & Tips

  • A single Soul Vessel can contain about 33 SOUL.
  • All other sources of SOUL fill up Soul Vessels at a normal rate.
  • It is better for you to use SOUL as soon as possible when needed if you have you Soul Vessels full because it takes more Nail hits to fill up your Soul Vessels than it is when transferring it to your main meter.





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