Stag Station (Stagways)

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No. of Stag Stations 11
Trophy/Achievement Hope

Stag Station or Stagways are an interconnected system of tunnels throughout Hallownest that link different areas together via Stag Stations. Unlocking a Stag Station makes it easier for the Knight to travers or fast travel to various Locations with the help of The Last Stag, it is important that you listed to what The Last Stag has to say upon opening new stag stations.


Stag Station Information

  • There are 11 Stag Stations that can be discovered across Hallownest.
  • Unlocking Stag Stations is related to the quest, Secret of the Stagways.
  • Discovering and opening a stag stations rewards the player with the Trophy/Achievement Hope and Connection. The Connection Trophy/Achievement can be obtained when you open half of Hallownest's Stag Stations, while Hope is upon opening all of the stations and discovering the Stag Nest.
  • Most of the stations require activating a toll machine with Geo. But also take note that not every area has a Stag Station.
  • After unlocking a Stag Station, the nearby bell must be hit with the Nail to summon The Last Stag. This must also be done every time an open Stag Station is reached other than the one that was last used.
  • A Stag Station Pin may be purchased from Iselda for hollow knight wiki geo icon100, which reveals the locations of every Stag Station in the area after that area's Map has been purchased.


Stag Station Related Character

  • The Last Stag: The Last Stag is the last surviving stag beetle in Hallownest, he can be found when a player finds a Stag Station (there is one in Dirtmouth). Each time a Stag Station is unlocked, he mentions how he used to carry passengers when he was young and that the highways and crossroads of Hallownest were full of life. After unlocking all Stag Stations, he finds the Stag Nest and is given hope that there are other Stags that may have survived and made their way out into the wider world.


Stag Station Location and Price List

Stag Station Price hollow knight wiki geo icon
Dirtmouth N/A
Forgotten Crossroads 50
Greenpath 140
Fungal Wastes - Queen's Station 120
Queen's Gardens 200
City of Tears - City Storerooms 200
City of Tears - King's Station 300
Resting Grounds N/A
Deepnest - Distant Village 250
Howling Cliffs - Stag Nest N/A
Palace Grounds (Hidden Station) 300



Stag Station Notes & Tips

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia

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