Teacher's Archives is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Teacher's Archives is a sub-area found in the Fog Canyon, it is an experimental lab that was used by one of the Dreamers, Monomon the Teacher and it is also where her body rests.


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Full Teacher's Archives Walkthrough

Rest at a Bench

Upon arriving inside the Teacher's Archives, you'll want to walk at the center of the room and head up the second platform to find a bench. Make sure to save the game and to manage your Charms since you'll be facing a boss as you further explore the area. When you're done, drop down into the bottom exit that will take you to the next section.

Uumuu the Guardian

You'll now find yourself in a section that is filled with Uoma, Ooma, and Charged Lumaflies. Head west, then southeast until you drop down into the acid water. Swim to your left and then drop down into the arena of Uumuu. After a brief moment, the gates will close and Uumuu will appear which prompts the start of the battle.

Uumuu only has 300 HP but his jelly armor is making him invulnerable to all types of attacks. After trying to land attacks on this boss, Quirrel will appear and join you in this battle. He will help you by breaking its armor for a short moment giving you the opportunity to deal damage while it is vulnerable.

While its armor is temporarily broken, try to deal as much as damage as you can before it regenerates its armor. Simply wait for Quirrel to try and break the armor again and repeat the process. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss. Once you've defeated Uumuu, the gates will open, allowing you access to Monomon the Teacher.

Monomon, the Teacher

Now, you'll need to find one of the three Dreamers, Monomon the Teacher. From Uumuu's arena, proceed west and drop down into the very bottom part of the lab and swim into the acid water. Swim to your right until you reach the 2nd passageway then climb up to the top where you'll find a large tube with a glowing body inside it.

Continue climbing to the top and over it, then inspect the large tube. Quirrel will then appear. Speak to him and he'll take off the mask he's wearing causing it to return to the glowing body inside the tube. This mask is Monomon's which causes her physical body to appear inside the tube, from here you'll want to strike the tube with the Dream Nail which will bring you into the dream world where you'll find Monomon's spirit.

Before you kill her, strike her with the Dream Nail first for about 5 times to gain a few dialogues from her. Once that's done, strike her with The Nail to kill her then hit the FOCUS button to absorb her. A cutscene will then follow where the seal with Monomon's mask at the Temple of the Black Egg has broken. This marks the completion for this sub-area. Up next is the White Palace



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fog canyon map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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