Temple of the Black Egg is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. A temple with a large black egg where three masks of the Dreamers can be found carved onto the seal. It is where the Hollow Knight is being kept bound with chains and sealed by the power of the Dreamers.


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Temple of the Black Egg Walkthrough

Dream No More

There are three endings that you can acquire, but for this walkthrough, we have focused on acquiring the true ending, Dream No More. You can check the Endings page to further learn more about the possible outcomes. A couple of things to remind you of to obtain the true ending:

Once you have done the following, you can head to the Temple of the Black Egg which is located in the Forgotten Crossroads. You'll find Hornet standing next to the sealed gate. Speak to her first then walk up to the gate and it will finally shatter and open up the path that will lead you into the Hollow Knight's lair. Hornet will mention that she won't be able to join you in battle, but if the opportunity presents itself, she will help. Head inside the temple and continue into the long path, you'll find a bench midway before you respectively arrive at the Hollow Knight's lair.

Boss Battle, Hollow Knight

Upon arriving, you'll find the Hollow Knight is still bound by the chains. In order to start the battle, you'll have to destroy the chains that are on both sides. Upon destroying the last chain, the Hollow Knight will break free and the battle will start. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss. Once you've reached the third phase and have almost defeated it, Hornet will appear and pin down the Hollow Knight for a brief moment - quickly ready the Awoken Dream Nail and strike the Hollow Knight with it which will take you to the Dream World where you'll face the true boss, The Radiance.

True Boss, The Radiance

The Radiance has 1700 HP and five phases that you'll have to fight your way through. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss as well as to check its phases and attacks. You'll know when you're in the last phase once The Radiance teleports to the topmost level of the arena and shoots down laser beams in random positions or towards where you are, you'll need to make your way up the platforms and then hit her with one strike with The Nail which will cause the Void to hold her down. The Hollow Knight's shade then appears and helps to hold The Radiance down, and The Knight turns into a shade and executes the final blow to kill The Radiance once and for all - A cutscene will then follow which marks the end of the game. 



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