The Abyss is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Abyss lies beneath the Ancient Basin where a huge amount of corpses of the failed vessels and their shades can be found. It is also the home of the Void and the birthplace of the vessels.


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The Abyss Walkthrough

Into The Abyss

To return to the entrance of The Abyss, you'll have to make your way back to the Ancient Basin. At this point, you should have acquired the King's Brand after fighting Hornet for the second time in Kingdom's Edge. Once you've arrived, approach the door and it will open.

There is a charm that you can acquire in this area which is the Lifeblood Core charm. But in order to open the door, you'll need to use a bench then equip the Lifeblood Heart and Joni's Blessing charms in order to obtain 15 Lifeblood Masks. Just make sure you don't take any damage while heading to The Abyss.

Upon entering, drop down about midway into The Abyss towards your left where you'll find a locked door covered in blue vines and petals. Simply approach the mechanism in the middle and wait for the orbs to light up one by one. The door will then open after the last orb lights up.

Make your way through the spiked cavern and then stop once you reach the platform that has a path that you can either drop down to the left or right. Drop down into the left side first to find an Arcane Egg that you can sell to Relic Seeker Lemm for 1200 Geo, then head east where you can find the Lifeblood Core charm sitting on top of an altar. Upon acquiring the charm, The Knight will lose consciousness and wake up at the entrance of the lifeblood door which has now turned into a grey color. If you miss the Arcane Egg and chose to obtain the charm first, you won't be able to acquire the egg and even re-enter the room.

Upgrading Spells

After collecting the charm, drop down into the bottom of The Abyss and go west into another section. At the end of the room, you'll find a podium that you can stand on where you'll need to use the Howling Wraiths spell to upgrade it into the Abyss Shriek - just make sure you've acquired the spell from the corpse of a Snail Shaman located at the Fog Canyon, if you don't have the spell yet, you can return here later on once you've acquired the spell. When you're done, head back outside and go east into the next section.

The Lighthouse

Now, continue going east through the path where you'll encounter an environmental hazard-type enemy called the Void Tendrils. They will only appear at the bottom of the void filled pit if you're close enough but you can easily get past them if you don't fall into the pit. As you continue heading east, stop once you encounter another enemy called a Sibling which are the shades of the dead vessels who now wander around the deepest part of The Abyss. If you continue heading east, you'll notice that the pool of void is filled with Void Tendrils that are stopping you to get across. From where you first encountered the Sibling, head up to the entrance of the Lighthouse by using the elevated platforms. Just be careful since there will be multiple shades that will appear as you ascend.

Once you've reached the entrance, head inside and flip the switch to turn on the light. Now, head back down into the lake and continue to the right where you'll find a fountain that is overflowing with void. Stand inside the fountain and wait for a brief moment to acquire the upgrade to the Mothwing CloakShade Cloak.

With the Shade Cloak consumed, you can now dash through enemies and their attacks as well as gaining access into areas that were blocked by a stream of void. The next location you'll need to head off to is the Queen's Gardens, but you can also take a detour and return to the Kingdom's Edge to fight Markoth in order to gain more Essence and also back to Deepnest to acquire the Sharp Shadow charm.



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the abyss map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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