The Collector's Map

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Allows the Hollow Knight to find the location of the Grubs.

The Collector's Map is an Item in Hollow Knight. It grants the ability to identify and find all the locations of the Grubs. This works similar to the pins purchased from Iselda.


How to Use The Collector's Map

The Collector's Map marks the location of all 46 Grubs in the game, including ones that are in unexplored areas. The Grubfather will also be rewarding you upon reaching a certain number of Grubs freed, and here are the rewards:


How to Find The Collector's Map

Before heading out, you will first need to acquire some Spells and Abilities to successfuly obtain the Collector's Map. You will need Shade Cloak, Isma's Tear, and Mantis Claw. Now head over to the Queen's Gardens, it is located on the western part of the map. It has an upper and lower entrance. If you want to take the upper entrance, it is advisable that you first acquire the Shade Cloak so you can dash through the gate that's blocking the way. If you prefer the lower entrance, you'll need to acquire Isma's Tear, since this area is hindered by a pool of acid.

After making your way to the Queen's Gardens, you'll need to work your way to a corner area located at the southeast level. This is where the Love Key is hidden, which will be needed to open the Tower of Love, where The Collector's Map is located.

You'll encounter a bunch of enemies along the way before you reach the Love Key. The key is also blocked by an acid pool, this is where you'll use Isma's Tear so you can swim through the pool. Once you reach the area, you can now loot the Love Key off the corpse.

Once you've acquired the Love Key, head over to the Tower of Love. Upon entering the area, you will be met with a closed door with a giant keyhole. Now open this door with the Love Key that you've just acquired. Enter and climb the tower. Defeat a couple of enemies you'll encounter along the way. At the end, you will meet the boss of the area, The Collector. To learn more tips on how to beat this boss, click here. After defeating The Collector, go to the next room and climb up using Mantis Claw. You'll find The Collector's Map there at the end of the room.


The Collector's Map Notes & Tips

  • Obtaining the map will automatically reveal all the Grubs you haven't collected yet, including those that are still in unexplored areas.
  • There are a total of 46 Grubs in Hollow Knight.
  • You will receive 5-10 Geos for every Grub you rescue.


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