The White Lady

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Location Queen's Gardens

The White Lady is an NPC in Hollow Knight. The White Lady is not a bug, but an ethereal root being.  


The White Lady Information

The White Lady is a mysterious non-insectoid root being who is wrapped in an immobile shell, and was The Pale King's partner at one point in Hallownest’s history. Along with the Pale King, she is responsible for creating the Vessels that would seal The Radiance. She fled from the White Palace upon realizing the Infection could not be stopped and hid with one of the Five Knights, Dryya, who guarded her.

Upon finding her in Queen’s Gardens, the players discover she is blind and has not left her retreat for many years. She also has no idea that her warrior servant Dryya had been killed by a group of powerful mantises. 

When the White Lady is encountered, she provides The Knight with a half of the Kingsoul charm and asks The Knight to finish off the Hollow Knight and to replace it as a seal in order to contain The Radiance.

  • Location: The White Lady Can be found northwest at the Queen's Gardens but requires you to defeat the Traitor Lord.
  • Combat: Players may not kill The White Lady.
  • Rewards: Gives half of the Kingsoul once she is encountered.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Oh! One arrives. Far it walks to find me. Did it seek my aid? Or did the path carry it by chance to so pertinant a place?

It is true. True, that you were awaited. No. Perhaps that is inaccurate. True one like you was awaited.

I have a gift, held long for one of your kind. Half of a whole. When united, great power is granted, and on the path ahead, great power it will need.


Notes & Tips

  • Her area consists of a giant black cocoon-like cave with white roots emerging from the holes.
  • She can be offered a Delicate Flower. She will reject it, stating it has "great power" that doesn't belong in the kingdom.
  • She will react to Defender's Crest. Wearing it will prompt a bit of dialogue in which she reminisces on her friendship with Dung Defender.



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