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Location Dirtmouth, Forgotten Crossroads, Colosseum of Fools, Blue Lake

Tiso is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Tiso is a bug who's only desire is to find the Colloseum of Fools to fight in it. He is killed, and you can find his body at the edge of a cliff coming into Kingdoms Edge from the tram.  


Tiso Information

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Associated Quests

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  • Example Dialogue Lines

"Pale thing. You wear that nail with ease. If you're in search of combat, you'll find no great warriors in this decaying burrow."

"I've heard an arena exists somewhere below. One built for our like. Meet me there and we'll test what skills you possess."

"I'll be heading down soon. Come and find me if you dare."

"Ehh. Pale thing. You use these old lines? Pathetic. A real warrior carries himself to combat. He has no need for such convenience."

"Leave me be. It's the arena I seek. I've already wasted far too long on these cursed roads."

  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Notes & Tips

  • Tiso is killed in the colosseum. 


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