Trial of the Conqueror is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Trial of the Conqueror is the second trial in the Colosseum that will be available for you once you enlist in the trials and have already completed the Trial of the Warrior.


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Full Trial of the Conqueror Walkthrough

Enlist in the Trials

Now this second trial is a bit more challenging than the last one, and as all trials go within the Colosseum, you would first need to enlist yourself. Go to the banner in the middle and enlist in the trial, you would have to pay 450 Geo for the entry fee, then head right to enter the arena.


Fight your way through waves of enemies

To beat this trial, you would need to fight your way through 16 waves of enemies before battling the final boss, Oblobble.

For the first wave, you will first be facing off against a Heavy Fool. This enemy will charge towards you and jump to counter your air attacks. Try slashing while jumping over when you see it charging towards you. Upon defeating the Heavy Fool, two Winged Fools will spawn. They will also constantly charge towards you and try to slash you with their swords. Wall-jumping and nail-jumping off their heads is a good way to deal with them. After defeating the two, another Winged Fool and a Heavy Fool will spawn together.

The second wave immediately starts with platforms rising up from the ground, then two Armoured Squits will spawn. These enemies aren't as tough as the others, but they attack by charging straight towards you in a straight line, trying to impale you with their beaks. If you're facing several Armoured Squits at once, it can be a hassle. Try jumping over them and nail-jump when you see them charging towards you, or you can use spell to quickly wipe them out.

For the third wave, spikes will come out of the ground along with two more Armoured Squits spawning. Deal with the Squits as you stay on the platforms. Note that these spikes will be staying for a few more waves.

The fourth wave will start with two platforms falling off leaving a single elevated platform in the middle. You'll be facing off against a Winged Fool, followed by an Armoured Squit shortly after. You'll be having limited space to move during this wave, so try not to move around to much when you're dodging their attacks, you might end up falling down the spikes if you do.

For the fifth wave, six more elevate platforms will rise. Now you'll be fighting a group of flying enemies. Take advantage of the platforms during this wave. An Armoured Squit and a Primal Aspid will first spawn, then it will be followed by another Squit and Aspid shortly after. Three Volatile Gruzzers will also spawn, followed by two more Gruzzers afterwards. Take out the Squits and the Aspids first, then you can take your time to heal if you need to, as the Gruzzers have slow movement, you can also use the platforms as some kind of shield from the blobs they drop. Take out the Gruzzers by nail-jumping and slashing them, make sure to avoid their bodies after you take them out, as they explode and deal damage upon contact.

The sixth wave will start with most of the platforms disappearing, leaving you with a medium-sized platform in the middle of the arena. A Heavy Fool will then spawn in the middle. This would just be a simple fight, as you can just push or dodge out of its way, then it will fall to its death on the spikes. After taking out the Heavy Fool, three Belflies will spawn. These enemies will dive towards you, and then exploding on contact. Trying to attack them will only damage you and get you blown up, so it's best to just avoid them entirely. When you here their high-pitch cry, that's your cue as to when they will be diving towards you. Having the Monarch Wings will save you here, as you can jump out the platform as they dive, then jump back again to the platform after the explosion.

There isn't really that much for the seventh wave, as two platforms will just disappear, leaving one in the middle. Then a single Belfly will spawn, and that's about it for this wave. You can just avoid its attack then you can quickly move on to the next wave.

The spikes will disappear along with the platform for the eighth wave. You'll be dealing with Hoppers this time, as their names suggest, they will hop around the arena and land on your head, there will be eight of them spawning, but they can be easily taken down so it shouldn't be a problem. Once you've defeated 8 of the Hoppers, a Great Hopper will spawn. This one is larger than a regular Hopper and will follow you around the arena until it's able to squish you. Still, this isn't much of a tough opponent, just dodge its attacks and strike it when you have the chance once it lands and they should be taken out easily.

The ninth wave will start with the walls closing in on you, then a Great Hopper will spawn. The enclosed walls will now make it difficult for you to dodge the Great Hopper's attacks. You can try to wall-jump off the walls then land on the Great Hopper's head and nail-jump until you defeat it.

For the tenth wave, the walls will now revert back to its original state, but then the ceiling drops down. A glass jar with a Grub inside will then appear. Shatter the jar and a Grub Mimic will come out, defeat it by jumping over their heads and nail-jump until they die.

The eleventh wave will start with the ceiling rising back up, and a single platform will appear in the middle. You'll be fighting another group of enemies for this wave. First, two Shielded Fools will spawn, followed by two Winged Fools, then a single Heavy Fool, and finally, two Armoured Squits. The platform will start to lower itself after you've finished dealing with the first batch of enemies. Prioritize in taking out the flying enemies first, as they will tend to get in the way and make it difficult for you when you're dealing with the rest of the enemies.

The walls will start closing in again for the twelfth wave. A Heavy Fool will first appear, then will be followed by a Winged Fool afterwards. You can quickly defeat them by wall-jumping then nail-jumping on their heads.

For the thirteenth wave, spikes will reappear on the ground, but there will be no platforms for you to stand on. The only way for you to avoid the spikes is by constantly wall-jumping off of the enclosed walls. Flying enemies will then start to spawn, first off is an Armoured Squit, then a Winged Fool, and then folowed by two more Armoured Squits. You will need to keep wall-jumping to try and avoid the spikes while trying to take down the enemies in the air. Monarch Wings and Shade Cloak will prove useful for this wave, as it wil allow you to double jump and dodge through some of the enemies.

For the fourteenth wave, the walls wil revert back to its original state, then three platforms will appear. Now you'll be fighting a pair of Winged Fools, followed by a single Winged Fool, then two Armoured Squits afterwards.

The fifteenth wave will start with the spikes temporarily going away, and now you'll have four platforms to move across from the arena. This will be the wave where you'll encounter the enemy Battle Obbles. This type of enmy flies around while simultaneously shoting projectiles in an X shaped arrangement. This will make it easy for you to dodge if you directly beneath, above, or beside them. More Battle Obbles will spawn constantly after killing one after the other and about halfway through this wave, the spikes will begin to reappear and more platforms will return. You'll have to defeat a total of 9 Battle Obbles to continue to the next wave.

For the sixteenth wave, the spikes and platforms will lower, the ceiling will also drop down. Four Battle Obbles will spawn, this can be a bit difficult since you'll have less space for you to move around. Try to get beneath them and slash upwards or try to jump over them then nail-jump over their heads to get your attacks in.

For the final challenge of this trial, it'll start off with the ceiling going back to its original state. Then you'l be facing off against two Oblobbles, these are much larger than your average Obble, and they will shoot out projectiles in all directions, making it hard to dodge. Try focusing on one of them at a time. When you defeat one of them, the other becomes enraged and starts shooting projectiles a lot faster. Keep dodging and slashing, also try using spells, it could be a life saver. Completing this trial will grant you access to enlist in the last trial and you'll be awarded with 1800 Geo, 1x Pale Ore, and the Conqueror Achievement/Trophy. Replaying this trial will reward you with 2,000 Geo for each completion.



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