Location Royal Waterways

Tuk is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Tuk is a scavenger and is one of the merchants in the game.


Tuk Information

Tuk can be found in the Royal Waterways at the upper right corner of the map, behind a breakable wall. You'll find him seemingly scavenging through the rubble for an unknown being. Later on, he offers his service by selling Rancid Eggs. However, in Steel Soul Mode, you'll find a dead Tuk who has succumbed to The Infection - you'll find one Rancid Egg lying next to her corpse.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Mmmnnnnnnngghhh... Don't take something that isn't yours. That's the law.

Everything you see... it belongs to me. Don't be angry. I'll share my food with you... if you give me Geo.


Notes & Tips

  • Tuk will give you one free Rancid Egg if you speak to him while the Defender's Crest is equipped.
  • The odor of the Defender's Crest emit reminds him of the Dung Defender who has helped him.
  • He will refuse to sell The Knight a Rancid Egg if The Knight has 80 and more eggs in the inventory.



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