Vengeful Spirit

vengeful spirit spell hollow knight wiki

Conjure a spirit that will fly forward and burn foes in its path.
The spirit requires SOUL to be conjured. Strike enemies to gather SOUL.

Function Damage
Location Ancestral Mound

Vengeful Spirit is a Spell in Hollow KnightSpells are magical active skills that complement The Knight's offensive and defensive capabilities. Each Spell is powered by SOUL and has a base cost of 33 required to cast. Vengeful Spirit fires a projectile which travels horizontally in the direction the Knight is facing, dealing damage to anything it passes through.


Hollow Knight Vengeful Spirit Function & Usage

The Vengeful Spirit spell causes The Knight to conjure a spirit projectile which travels forward, dealing damage to enemies it passes through, It is used by pressing the Focus/Cast or Quick Cast buttons without holding the Up or Down inputs on the D-Pad.

  • Vengeful Spirit flies in the direction the Knight is facing and deals a base damage of 15. It will pass through opponents, dealing damage to each one. The projectile will also pass through invulnerable parts of an enemy such as shields, which can allow it to hit and deal damage to parts behind shields that are vulnerable.
  • This spell has infinite range, dissipating only when it hits a wall or other indestructible object.
  • The spell can be cast on the ground or in the air.
  • The spell pushes The Knight backwards slightly on cast. When cast in the air, it also stalls the Knight for a split second. It can also be used to get up to otherwise unreachable ledges without certain Abilities. This is done by jumping towards the ledge and quickly turning backwards and firing any number Vengeful Spirits to push you to the ledge without assistance.
  • Vengeful Spirit is upgraded into the Shade Soul.


How to Obtain the Vengeful Spirit Spell in Hollow Knight

The Vengeful Spirit spell is obtained from the Snail Shaman located in the Ancestral Mound, a sub-area of the Forgotten Crossroads found near the center. The Ancestral Mound is accessible after defeating the False Knight.


Hollow Knight Vengeful Spirit Spell Modifiers

The Vengeful Spirit spell can be modified by the following Charms:

  • Shaman Stone - Increases Vengeful Spirit's damage by ~33% from 15 to 20. It also increases the size of the projectile.
  • Spell Twister - Reduces the SOUL cost to 24 per cast.
  • Flukenest - Replaces Vengeful Spirit with a short range shotgun-like burst of 9 baby flukes. Each fluke deals 4 damage, with the spell potentially dealing up to 36 total damage. The spell is more effective when cast up close where all flukes can hit a target. With the Shaman Stone also equipped, fluke damage is increased to 5 per fluke with a total of 45 for the full burst.
    • Defender's Crest modifies Flukenest further by replacing the swarm of baby flukes with a single, very large fluke which deals 3 damage on impact before exploding into a volatile cloud which deals ~22 damage. With the Shaman Stone also equipped, the cloud damage is increased to ~28.


Hollow Knight Vengeful Spirit Notes & Tips






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