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Location The Abyss

Vessel or Vessels is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Vessels are described as mysterious hollow beings, strange life-forms made of Void possessing no mind, no will, and no ability to feel pain. They were created mystically by the Pale King and the White Lady. A Vessel's purpose is to become a host to contain the Infection and the Radiance. In order to do so, a Vessel must be completely pure (devoid of any kind of sentience - thoughts or freewill) to prevent the Radiance from influencing it.


Vessel Lore and Information

When the Radiance vengefully decided to invade the dreams and minds of the inhabitants of Hallownest to force them against their wills to remember it and worship it, the bugs began to resist the evil being of false light. Many of them however were captured by the Radiance’s spell, allured by its light, losing their will and mind, causing a state of spiritual frenzy and rabidness known as the Infection. To stop the Radiance’s cruel attacks against the bugs and takeover of Hallownest, the Pale King, with the assistance the White Lady, decided to create mysterious beings called “Vessels“, empty life-forms whose sole purpose was to contain the Infection and the Radiance. In doing this, the Pale King had good intentions to protect the inhabitants of the kingdom and stop the Radiance’s reign of terror.

Countless Vessels were created (too many, as a fault of the White Lady), but abandoned in their birthplace in the Abyss since they were not pure enough, thus had not the strength to fight the Radiance. These Vessels were abandoned in The Abyss, which was their Birthplace where they were infused with Void. Eventually, the Pale King was able to find a Vessel that he deemed to be pure enough to combat and contain the Infection and the evil Radiance. He raised the Pure Vessel, and named him the Hollow Knight. Pale King and White Lady then sealed the Abyss with a seal that could only be broken by somebody or something that bore the King's Brand. Most of the abandoned Vessels remained in their birthplace, while a few escaped (including The Knight).

Once the Hollow Knight was fully grown and showed immense strength, it came time for him to enter a state of slumber in which he contained the Infection and Radiance within the Temple of the Black Egg. But later, the Pale King realized that the Hollow Knight was not as pure as he had anticipated, but was actually tarnished by an emotional bond that had formed between them. With this, the Radiance cruelly used that flaw to influence the Hollow Knight, once again causing the Infection to reemerge and poison the minds of the rest of Hallownest's inhabitants.

As the kingdom fell, the Pale King lost all control despite his good intentions and efforts to save the kingdom and its inhabitants whom he cared about, and he mysteriously disappeared along with his White Palace; the White Lady, being disloyal, coldly abandoned him (to hide in a cowardly manner from the Infection in Queen’s Gardens). The Radiance’s cruel vengeance resulted to most of the inhabitants of Hallownest to succumb to the Infection; some resisted, while the many perished, becoming enraged zombified husks and monsters possessed by the Radiance. With enough power and influence, the evil Radiance was able to break out of the Hollow Knight, cracking his shell and fully wreaking the Infection throughout the kingdom - until the mysterious wandering Knight successfully returned to Hallownest from his birthplace in the Abyss.


Vessels in Hollow Knight

The Knight

The Knight in Hollow Knight is the main protagonist of the game who players control. The mysterious Knight was able to escape the Abyss, and he wandered outside of Hallownest for unknown reasons. 


The Hollow Knight

The Hollow Knight, also known as the "Pure Vessel", “Sealed Vessel”,  or simply "the Vessel" is the chosen vessel that was given the task to seal the Infection and the Radiance. As the Pale King saw the Hollow Knight to be pure, he was raised in the kingdom and was used as seal for the Radiance once he was fully-grown. Eventually, the Pale King realized the Hollow Knight’s purity had been tarnished due to an emotional bond formed with his father, and the Radiance eventually broke free and wreaked havoc with the Infection, leading to the events of the game.


The Broken Vessel

The Broken Vessel, also known as the Lost Kin, is a fallen Vessel located in the Ancient Basin. He was later reanimated by Lightseeds and thus Infected. Upon The Knight confronting him, the Infected Broken Vessel entered a state of frenzy, making him immensely strong and hostile.


Greenpath Vessel

Another vessel that can be found in Greenpath, where The Knight first encounters and fights Hornet. This vessel is no longer alive, and only its shell is left, but it holds the Mothwing Cloak which is handed over to The Knight upon searching it.


Deepnest Vessels

The Vessels in Deepnest are known to have managed to somehow escape the Abyss and found themselves in Deepnest. These vessels were captured and their empty shells can be seen hanging up in the background, snared by the hostile arachnids who inhabit the deathly place.


Vessels in the Abyss


Vessels that are mainly found in The Abyss, also known as the Birthplace. The Knight can find countless shells of the Vessels that have been abandoned where they were created after the place was sealed. However, these fallen Vessels still remain and exist there as Shade Siblings.


Vessel Notes & Tips

  • Vessel Hollow Knight Notes, Tips, and Trivia go here.



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