Vessel Fragment

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A piece of a Soul Vessel, You know, those ghastly looking orb things?

I don't really like the aura about it, but it's quite rare so I'll have to charge you a high price.

Vessel Fragment is an Upgrade Item in Hollow Knight. It is used to craft a Soul Vessel. Upgrade Items in Hollow Knight are items that are used to enhance The Knight's status such as health, SOUL, and his equipment. Some Quest Items can be purchased from a Merchant and some are scattered throughout the map.


 Vessel Fragment Usage

  • Vessel Fragments are used to create a Soul Vessel that allows the knight to collect more soul. Collecting 3 fragments will allow players to acquire one Soul Vessel.



How to Find Vessel Fragment

  1. Purchased from Sly's shop in Dirtmouth for hollow knight wiki geo icon550.
  2. Also purchased from Sly's shop in Dirtmouth for hollow knight wiki geo icon900 after providing the Shopkeeper's Key.
  3. Forgotten Crossroads: Unlock elevator in the City of Tears, then take the elevator up, head left and explore to find the fragment
  4. City of Tears: Unlock the right half of the City of Tears. Take the top exit out of King's Station and head up until you reach a battle arena. Complete it to unlock the gate and obtain the fragment
  5. Deepnest: Navigate the maze above the Deepnest Tram Station.
  6. Ancient Basin: Donate hollow knight wiki geo icon3000 into the well.
  7. Howling Cliffs (Stag Nest): Find every Stagway Station.
  8. Resting Grounds (Seer): Collect and pay 700 Essence.
  9. Greenpath (To the left of the Massive Moss Charger): Very top of the area after completing several Nail Jump sections and a wall jump 


Vessel Fragment Notes & Tips

  • There are 9 total Vessel Fragments to be found


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