Void Heart

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Cost: N/A
Geo:  N/A
Location: Birthplace, The Abyss
Effect: Unifies the void under the bearer's will. This charm is part of its bearer and cannot be unequipped.

Void Heart in Hollow Knight is one out of the 45 Charms that is found in the game. These charms are special items that provide The Knight buffs that will help with both traversing Hallownest and battling its foes. Charms require Notches and can only be equipped and unequipped while having The Knight sit on a bench.


Void Heart Information

"An emptiness that was hidden within, now unconstrained."

Void Heart is a charm that unlocks multiple aspects of the game. Once players have acquired this charm, they will be able to access 4 different endings, but will not be able to obtain the first ending unless you start a new game.

This charm is also the Kingsoul charm that only transforms into the Void Heart once you find the Birthplace. It cannot be unequipped and it no longer uses notches, allowing you to equip other charms of your choice. This also makes The Knight's Shade and Siblings unharmful, Void Tendrils will no longer appear in certain areas, and you will be able to swim through waters that have tendrils in it. The knight will sometimes heal two times.

Acquiring the Void Heart also unlocks extra dialogues for Bardoon, Hornet, The White Lady, Steel Soul Jinn, and Confessor Jiji.


Void Heart Acquisition

  • Location: Birthplace, The Abyss
  • Acquisition: To obtain this charm, first, you will need to acquire and equip the Kingsoul charm to open the entrance of Birthplace that is located underneath The Abyss. Once you've made your way inside the room, walk towards the end where you will find an egg, hit the egg using the Awoken Dream Nail to reveal the memories of The Knight and for the Kingsoul charm to transform into the Void Heart.


Void Heart Notes

  • Charms can only be equipped and unequipped by using a bench.
  • Void Heart is automatically equipped and cannot be unequipped at a bench.
  • The effects of the Kingsoul charm will change once it transforms into the Void Heart.



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