World Sense

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Vessel. Though bound, you shall know the state of the world.
Hallownest will be whole again.

Function Displays completion percentage
Location Temple of the Black Egg

World Sense is an Ability in Hollow KnightAbilities are upgrades which impart various effects and skills that help The Knight traverse and interact with the environment in new ways. Unlike Spells, Abilities do not use SOUL or any other resources, but some may have short cooldowns or require resetting before being available for use again. World Sense is a passive ability that displays the player's current Completion percentage in the inventory screen, as well as the save file in the main menu.


Hollow Knight World Sense Function & Usage

  • World Sense allows players to view the Completion rate in the inventory and save file in the main menu.



How to Obtain World Sense in Hollow Knight

  • Black Egg Temple - first you will need to eliminate all three Dreamers to unlock the area. Once that is done, head towards the temple and inspect the Lore Tablet next to the bench to acquire the ability.


Hollow Knight World Sense Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes & Tips for the World Sense ability go here.





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