Zote the Mighty


Location Greenpath, Dirtmouth, City of Tears, Deepnest, Colosseum of Fools (boss fight)

Zote the Mighty is an NPC in Hollow Knight. He is a "hero" whose heroic ventures always seem to fall prey to unlucky "accidents" when you see them happen, and always seem turn out wondrously when he is by himself. He also outright lies to Bretta and you, the Knight. He evidently doesn't have a good memory, as he lies to us about beating the Vengefly King, when in reality we did that.


Zote the Mighty Information

Zote the Mighty is not "A knight of great renown". He is, however, pathetic.

  • Location: Zote the Mighty can be found at Greenpath, struggling in the jaws of the Vengefly King
  • Progression: Zote the Mighty moves to Dirtmouth after you save him, then moves to the City of Tears, then Deepnest (where you have to rescue him again), then the Colosseum of Fools, and then he goes back to Dirtmouth and stays there.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Zote the Mighty, but can leave him to die (do that), and can defeat him as a boss.
  • Rewards: Leaving him to die grants an achievement. THAT IS ALL.


Associated Quests

  • None, but leaving him to die grants you an achievement!



  • Just what do you think you're doing?! You dare to come between me and my prey? Is it a habit of yours to scurry about, getting in the way and causing bother?
  • Know this, cur. I am Zote the Mighty, a knight of great renown. Cross me again, and you'll find out why they call my weapon 'Life Ender'.


Notes & Tips

  • You get an achievement for leaving Zote to die, called Neglect. You totally should leave him to die.



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