Zote the Mighty

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Location Greenpath, Dirtmouth, City of Tears, Deepnest, Colosseum of Fools (boss fight)

Zote the Mighty is an NPC in Hollow Knight. He is a lonely, unfortunate knight whose heroic ventures always seem to fall prey to unlucky accidents. 


Zote the Mighty Information

Zote the Mighty, a self-proclaimed “Knight of Great Renown”, is an aspiring yet unfortunate and rather inept warrior. He is cantankerous, short-tempered, and gloomy, and seems to think highly of himself. He wields a shell-wood nail which he has named “Life Ender”.

As the game progresses, it can be discovered (via his Dream Nail dialogue and 57 Precepts) that Zote is desperate to prove his worth after leaving his home at a young age due to his parents abusing him.

  • Location: Zote the Mighty can first be found at Greenpath, struggling in the jaws of the Vengefly King.
  • Progression: Zote the Mighty moves to Dirtmouth after you save him, then moves to the City of Tears, then Deepnest (where you can rescue him again), then the Colosseum of Fools. He then he goes back to Dirtmouth and remains there reciting his 57 Precepts (which gives insight on his backstory).
  • Combat: Players may not kill Zote the Mighty, but can leave him to die in the jaws of the Vengefly King if he is not rescued before acquiring the Mantis Claw, or can defeat him as a boss in the Colosseum of Fools (which does not kill him).
  • Rewards: Leaving him to die in Greenpath grants the “Neglect” achievement. Saving him twice and then beating him at the Colosseum of Fools grants the “Rivalry” achievement. Fighting and defeating him as Grey Prince Zote in Bretta’s dream grants the “Dark Romance” achievement. 


Associated Quests

  • None



  • Just what do you think you're doing?! You dare to come between me and my prey? Is it a habit of yours to scurry about, getting in the way and causing bother?
  • Know this, cur. I am Zote the Mighty, a knight of great renown. Cross me again, and you'll find out why they call my weapon 'Life Ender'.


Notes & Tips

  • Saving Zote twice and defeating him at the Colosseum of Fools allows him to return to Dirtmouth, where he will recite his 57 Precepts. These precepts give much insight into Zote’s sad backstory and the way he sees the world.
  • Bretta is in love with Zote, but he doesn't seem to care about her in return.
  • As a boss, Zote is the only enemy in the game who doesn't deal damage upon collision, or in any other way for that matter.



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    • I adore Zote so much. Poor grouchy fella was abused by his parents and ran away from home as a young child... Breaks my heart that he was so abused by his parents and the world that he grew bitter and ill-tempered. Truly he was frightened and just wanted to prove himself worthy. I find him very endearing even in his grouchiness - he reminds me of GrumpyCat. He’s such a well-developed and adorable character. He deserves love and friends to heal the deep sadness that plagues his heart. If you dream-nail him to read his thoughts, and listen to his Precepts, you will learn a lot about him. I’m glad he got some admiration from Bretta. He deserved it, and I love Grey Prince. I wish his quest was longer and there was a happier ending for both him and Bretta.

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