Enemies in Hollow Knight are former inhabitants of Hallownest that have been corrupted or infected by The Radiance, these enemies have scattered within the depths of the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest and will kill anything that comes across their path. They come in exquisite varieties such as insects, plant-like beings, and substances. You will find a list of the enemies that appear in the game below. 


Hollow Knight Enemies

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Hunter's Journal

Hunter's Journal in Hollow Knight is an item that is given by The Hunter. It is a compendium where enemies are listed are into the journal for each time The Knight encounters a new enemy and successfully kills it. Information can be viewed in the Hunter's Journal, and additional lore and notes can be unlocked about an enemy if The Knight encounters and kills the same enemy multiple times.

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Hunter's Mark

Hunter's Mark in Hollow Knight is an achievement that is given by The Hunter if a player meets a certain condition. This unlocks the True Hunter achievement only if The Knight successfully completes each and every entry in the Hunter's Journal.


Hollow Knight List of Enemies





























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      what about the things you see to the far left of deepnest , not the spider , the two sided monster that blocks the tunnel

      • Anonymous

        It would be nice to have the option to view this list in the same order as they appear in the hunters journal. It will make it easier to go down the two lists and compare them to see which ones are missing.

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