Quests in Hollow Knight are considered as side-quests or tasks that are given by NPCs. Quests provide the players additional information in order to learn more about the story of Hallownest - these quests will provide the player rewards upon successfully completing the quest.


Hollow Knight Quests

Delicate Flower

quest capture one hollow knight wiki

 "Ull Waaaaii! Che's sacred, precious, one of its kind flower. Ruined. Che's love, denied her final gift."


A Nailsmith's Obsession

quest capture two hollow knight wiki

 "With a Pure Nail forged, my work in this lifetime comes to an end. My only remaining desire is to see and feel the nail strike true!"


Nailsage's Pride

quest capture eight hollow knight wiki

"Ah! The way you hold your nail! So you've learnt a Nail Art..."


Dream No More

dream no more quest hollow knight wiki 300px



Grubfather's Lament

quest capture four hollow knight wiki



Secret of the Stagways

quest capture five hollow knight wiki

"Continue to open the stations and you'll have my deepest gratitude."



quest capture six hollow knight wiki

 "I... you came to rescue me, Bretta? The girl that everyone just... ignores?"



millibelle the banker quest hollow knight wiki 300px

 "Losing one's Geo is a terrible thing and it's so much more likely if you carry it about on yourself."


The Grimm Troupe

troupe master grimm quest hollow knight wiki guide 300px

"When flames burn bright inside one’s mind, kin heed the call ‘cross lands and time.”

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