Getting Started Guide in Hollow Knight - this will provide new and veteran players some tips and tricks for the capability of your survival once you begin your venture of uncovering the secrets of the depths of Hallownest.


Hollow Knight Getting Started Guide

Your Map is your best friend

Hollow Knight introduces an exquisite and gritty world that is like a labyrinthe for you to explore, and it will consist of large areas, long hallways, and rooms that may or may not look similar to the naked eye. Always open and use your map for navigation, since you will constantly need to open it and use it in order to backtrack your path to certain points of the area when you are trying to complete quests or progress the main story of the game, and once you have the map and quill, make it a habit to always use a Bench in order to update the map of certain parts of the area that have been discovered by The Knight - which brings us to our next tip, locating Cornifer.


Cornifer, the Cartographer

At the beginning of the game, players won't have the map in its inventory - and the only way to acquire a part of the map for a certain area is by locating Cornifer, Hallownest's one, and only Cartographer. Each time a player discovers a new area, you can definitely expect to find Cornifer sitting and making a layout of the map. At the very start of your quest, you'll most likely be running around the area and later on, learn that it is the village of Dirtmouth. You'll have your first encounter of Cornifer at the Forgotten Crossroads (which is below Dirtmouth) where he will sell you the map of the current area for hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon30. In order to track down Cornifer, you'll find traces of paper scattered on the floor and you'll hear him humming. And if you miss the chance of finding him, you can always visit his wife, Iselda - which brings us to our next tip, visiting Iselda.


Iselda, your go-to Merchant

Iselda is a merchant located in Dirtmouth and is also the wife of Cornifer. As mentioned earlier, if you are unable to find Cornifer, you can always visit Iselda to buy the map of a newly discovered area but only for a higher price of Geo. It is also recommended that you spend most of your Geo on what Iselda offers in her shop since she carries the items that you need in the early part of the game - items like map pins that mark certain points of interests of the game like Benches and Merchants, as well as the Quill that is a must-have item that will allow you to update certain areas of the map that Cornifer hasn't discovered.


Use the Benches, always use it.

Each time you discover a new area within Hallownest, make it a habit of always finding and using a Bench. A bench can be used for multiple things, such as a checkpoint, recovery of health, organizing and equipping Charms, and the most important mechanic, updating and filling in undiscovered rooms and areas of the map that you have visited - so it is important that you purchase the map pins from Iselda in order to have a detailed map that will definitely aid you in your traversal and your overall progress of the game.


Listen to EVERYONE

Now that you have the items needed to traverse the depths of Hallownest, you'll most likely encounter various NPCs of the game - and it is recommended that you "listen" to them and make sure to run through their dialogues when you encounter one. These NPCs add more flavour and information that you will need to understand the story of the game, while other NPCs provide the player Quests that will reward you with various aid items.


Get Charmed

Charms in Hollow Knight are special items that provide The Knight buffs that will aid you with your overall effectiveness of survivability and traversal in the game. As you progress through the game, you'll find, acquire, and even purchase different Charms - and this will give you the opportunity to craft and customize your own playstyle, whether it be an offensive, defensive, or a balanced set of Charms.


The Capabilities of the Nail

Nail is the primary weapon of The Knight and it is surprising of what the Nail is capable of doing - The Knight can attack in four directions and performing a down attack while in the air seems to be a combat mechanic one must master, performing an aerial down attack allows the Knight to "pogo" on top of an enemy or an environment that has spikes. Use the opportunity to learn how to attack in the four directions while on the ground and in the air since the enemies in the game consist of various ways of attacking The Knight -  one more thing, the nail is also used to interact with levers or switches.


Use your Spells and Abilities, both offensively and defensively

Spells and Abilities are skills that a player can acquire while progressing through the game. Take note that these spells consist of ways of recovering your health and also for executing powerful offensive attacks, while the abilities focus more with providing aid with traversal. With this, it is recommended to have a balance of using both spells, abilities, and the Nail in order to have a chance of survivability and winning boss encounters - Hollow Knight may look simple with its design and concept, but it provides a challenge and grows in difficulty as the game progresses.


Helpful Pages

Listed below are more pages on our wiki that you can visit to help you get started, and go more in-depth than the advice just given to you.

With all that said, good luck and have fun discovering Hallowenest's secrets!




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