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Location Forgotten Crossroads

Grubfather is an NPCs in Hollow KnightGrubfather is an elderly caterpillar-like creature and is the patriarchal figure of a family of Grubs in Hallownest. The Grubfather can be encountered early on in the Forgotten Crossroads, bemoaning the disappearance of his children. The Knight can rescue his Grubs and be rewarded for each one returned to him.


Hollow Knight Grubfather Information

Grubfather is an old caterpillar who resides in his "Grubhome" in the Forgotten Crossroads. Once you encounter him, he provides you with the task to find his missing Grubs scattered across Hallownest (trapped in jars by The Collector) and in exchange, he will give rewards for each grub found. There is a total number of 46 Grubs; after finding the last Grub, he will provide the Grubberfly's Elegy charm.
After the quest of freeing all the Grubs is complete, if you rest at a bench and return to him, the Grubfather can be found lying on the ground in his chamber, distended from swallowing all of the grubs, who are distinctly heard cooing happily and contentedly, fully alive inside him.
The description of Grubberfly's Elegy suggests that this is a step in the grub life cycle, as it reads "Contains the gratitude of grubs who will move to the next stage of their lives." That is further implied by the achievement "Metamorphosis", rewarded upon saving all of the grubs.

  • Location: Grubfather Can be found at the Forgotten Crossroads
  • Combat: Players may not kill Grubfather. After rescuing al 46 Grubs and returning to the Grubfather in his bloated state, he can be attacked but this deals no damage and instead prompts laughter from the old bug.
  • Rewards: Finishing his quest grants various rewards which will be listed below.
    • Also Unlocks the Grubfriend and Metamorphosis Achievements/Trophies for rescuing 23 and 46 Grubs, respectively.


Grubfather Related Quests in Hollow Knight

  • Grubfather's Lament - This quest tasks The Knight with finding and rescuing the 46 missing Grubs throughout Hallownest. The Grubs can be found trapped in glass jars across many different locations in Hallownest. Many require some clever platforming in order to reach, some can be found behind breakable walls or guarded by bosses, and others require The Knight to obtain certain upgrades first such as the ability to double jump with the Monarch Wings or swim across pools with Isma's Tear. Once rescued, Grubs will return back to the Grubhome. With each Grub rescued, the Grubfather will reward the Knight with many different items and geo currency hollow knight wiki guide 62pxGeo. You can return to the Grubfather at anytime after rescuing a Grub to collect your reward. You may also collect them all at once or in groups.


Hollow Knight Grub Locations

The tables below list the general location of all Grubs in Hallownest, as well as the rewards obtained by rescuing them and returning to the Grubfather. You can return to the Grubfather at anytime after rescuing a Grub to collect your reward. You may also collect them all at once or in groups. Most Grub rescues are rewarded with an increasing amount of geo currency hollow knight wiki guide 62pxGeo starting from 10 and up to 300. At certain thresholds, you will instead receive a valuable item.


After obtaining Isma's Tear, the Knight can acquire The Collector's Map which marks down the exact location of all Grubs yet to be rescued on the map, aiding players in locating these creatures. See the Grubfather's Lament page for a guide on how to obtain the map.

# Location Reward
1 5 Grubs in the Forgotten Crossroads hollow knight wiki geo icon10
2 hollow knight wiki geo icon20
3 hollow knight wiki geo icon30
4 hollow knight wiki geo icon40
5 mask shard hollow knight wiki guideMask Shard
6 4 Grubs in Greenpath hollow knight wiki geo icon50
7 hollow knight wiki geo icon60
8 hollow knight wiki geo icon70
9 hollow knight wiki geo icon80
10 2 Grubs in the Fungal Wastes grubsong hollow knight wiki charmsGrubsong
11 hollow knight wiki geo icon90
12 5 Grubs in the City of Tears hollow knight wiki geo icon100
13 hollow knight wiki geo icon110
14 hollow knight wiki geo icon120
15 hollow knight wiki geo icon120
16 rancid egg hollow knight wiki guideRancid Egg
17 7 Grubs in Crystal Peak hollow knight wiki geo icon140
18 hollow knight wiki geo icon150
19 hollow knight wiki geo icon160
20 hollow knight wiki geo icon165
21 hollow knight wiki geo icon170
22 hollow knight wiki geo icon180
23 hallownest seal hollow knight wiki guideHallownest Seal
# Location Reward
24 1 Grub in the Resting Grounds hollow knight wiki geo icon200
25 3 Grubs in the Royal Waterways hollow knight wiki geo icon200
26 hollow knight wiki geo icon210
27 hollow knight wiki geo icon215
28 1 Grub in the Howling Cliffs hollow knight wiki geo icon220
29 2 Grubs in Kingdom's Edge hollow knight wiki geo icon220
30 hollow knight wiki geo icon220
31 1 Grub in Fog Canyon hollow knight wiki pale ore iconPale Ore
32 3 Grubs in the Queen's Gardens hollow knight wiki geo icon230
33 hollow knight wiki geo icon235
34 hollow knight wiki geo icon240
35 5 Grubs in Deepnest hollow knight wiki geo icon245
36 hollow knight wiki geo icon250
37 hollow knight wiki geo icon255
38 kings idol hollow knight wiki guideKing's Idol
39 hollow knight wiki geo icon260
40 2 Grubs in the Ancient Basin hollow knight wiki geo icon265
41 hollow knight wiki geo icon270
42 2 Grubs in The Hive hollow knight wiki geo icon280
43 hollow knight wiki geo icon290
44 3 Grubs in the Tower of Love hollow knight wiki geo icon295
45 hollow knight wiki geo icon300
46 grubberflys elegy hollow knight wiki charmsGrubberfly's Elegy


Grubfather Dialogue in Hollow Knight

  • After rescuing all 46 Grubs: "Happy...happy...happy!!!"


Hollow Knight Grubfather Notes & Tips

What kind of bug is the Grubfather in Hollow Knight?

  • Despite being called a grub (beetle larvae), the Grubfather and his young are technically caterpillars known as hornworms (as said in other translations of the game, and based on their obvious appearance, especially their bright green coloration). A “Grubberfly” as seen on the Grubberfly's Elegy Charm resembles and suggests that they metamorphose into a six-winged butterfly-like creature, further confirming this.
  • True grubs are the larvae of beetles; they are very plump and white in colour (not green), highly resembling and sharing numerous traits with the “Maggots” associated with False Knight.

Other notes

  • Other notes go here.



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