Delicate Flower


Reward/s Mask Shard
Location Resting Grounds
Prerequisite/s Speak to the Grey Mourner

Delicate Flower is a Quest in Hollow Knight. Quests can provide rewards from items, unlocking Trophies/Achievements, and uncovering more information to the lore. Quests can only be activated by speaking to NPCs.



Delicate Flower Objectives


Delicate Flower Locations


Delicate Flower Walkthrough

To start the quest, head to the east end of the Resting Grounds and speak to Grey Mourner.


She will provide a quest to deliver a Delicate Flower to the grave of the Traitor's Child located at the Queen's Gardens.


However, before doing the quest, it is recommended to do the following for you to have an accessible path. First, you will have to obtain Isma's Tear in order to gain access into the Queen's Gardens which is by acquiring the Crystal Heart for traversing the area and by defeating the Dung Defender at the Royal Waterways. Second, is to unlock the shortcut leading to a stag station since it is the same path that you can go through to get to the grave. Third, make sure to do this quest before the Forgotten Crossroads has been filled with The Infected for the navigation to be easy - obtaining Monarch Wings or by killing one of the Dreamers will cause The Infection to spread through the Forgotten Crossroads causing the area to change certain paths and enemies will become stronger and difficult to avoid. And finally, make sure to have the Dreamgate ability.

Now, once you've considered following the three recommended steps and have acquired the Delicate Flower, to start off you can place a Dreamgate next to the bench beside the Grey Mourner's Mansion but make sure to not use the Dreamgate while you are delivering the flower - also take note that the flower can wither into a Ruined Flower if The Knight takes damage from an enemy or environmental hazard and by using a The Stagways or a Dreamgate for fast travel.

Once that's done, you can start to make your way to the grave, the convenient route to deliver the flower from point a to point b is from the Resting Grounds, through the tram station connecting the Forgotten Crossroads or by passing the Blue Lake that also connects the Forgotten Crossroads, followed by the Fog Canyon and through the shortcut that leads to the path of the grave in the Queen's Gardens. IF along the way the flower breaks, simply return to the Grey Mourner and speak to her to request for another flower.

To remove nearly every enemy along the path shown below, thus making the trip significantly easier to accomplish without taking damage, it is also recommended that you travel the pathway fully once, killing any enemy that could threaten you along the way. Begin from the Grey Mourner's Mansion and travel to the Traitor's Child memorial fully once, even if you take damage. Do not rest at any benches along the way. Once you arrive at the Traitor's Child, Dreamgate back to the Grey Mourner's Mansion. Do not rest at the bench outside. Get another flower and travel the same exact pathway you just cleared. Only a handful of the weakest enemies will have respawned, making the your job much easier. If you take damage, Dreamgate back for another flower but do not rest. 


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After you've reached the Queen's Gardens, inspect the grave and the ghost of the Traitor's Child will appear and thank you by bowing down to The Knight - now if you've placed the Dreamgate before setting off, you can easily teleport back to the Grey Mourner's Mansion, or if you haven't, simply head back on foot or by using fast travel.


Once you've returned to the Resting Grounds, speak to the Grey Mourner in her mansion to let her know that the request is done and she will be surprised that her last wish has been fulfilled and her grieving has ended. This marks the completion of the quest and she will disappear and will leave you with a Mask Shard as a reward as well as unlocking the Solace Trophy/Achievement.



Delicate Flower Notes & Notable Loot



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    • Anonymous

      i delivered the delicate flower to the mantis dude but now is there a way for me to deliver one to godseeker, mato, etc
      especially as one of the endings are unlocked thru godseeker?

      • Anonymous

        Must have taken me around 7 tries to do this, it was so annoying. I had to go through without the flower, kill all enemies, go back, get the flower, and backtrack. It was probably the most tedious thing I've done so far in the game, aside from Hornet's rematch. I was so relieved when I finally completed it and I honestly couldn't help but smile when Grey Mourner died. Not only do I hate her as a character, but if she was one of the great knights, she was definitely more than capable of delivering the flower herself.

        • Anonymous

          So I did this quest recently and made it much easier to deliver the flower. I planned the safest route avoiding any crazy platforming. I killed every enemy on the path i decided to take from the grey mourner and to the traitor's grave. After killing every enemy do not save game by sitting on a bench or use any form of fast travel. 90% of enemies will not respawn and the only enemies blocking your path will be simple minded and easy to kill enemies (example: moss flies). It made it much easier and allowed me to avoid combat and could focus on platforming. On another note you can not use fast travel, but you can use the tram pass to ride the tram. Riding a tram does not damage the flower.

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