Secret of the Stagways

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Reward/s Vessel Fragment
Location Dirtmouth or
Forgotten Crossroads
Prerequisite/s Unlock the first Stag Station

Secret of the Stagways is a Quest in Hollow Knight. Quests can provide rewards from items, unlocking Trophies/Achievements, and uncovering more information to the lore. Quests can only be activated by speaking to NPCs.



Secret of the Stagways Objectives

  • Unlock the first Stag Station
  • Speak to The Last Stag
  • Unlock all 10 Stag Stations
  • Visit the Stag Nest


Secret of the Stagways Locations


Secret of the Stagways Walkthrough

The stagway consists of a path of tunnels that connects various ports within the kingdom of Hallownest, and these ports are called Stag Stations. Upon encountering your first Stag Station, players must hit the bell with The Nail to summon The Last Stag - he will mention to The Knight that it has been quite a very long period of time since someone has summoned him for traveling, this will also unlock the quest of unlocking all Stag Stations and finding his birthplace.

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There is a total of 11 Stag Stations (Stag Nest being the last and a hidden station) that can be found where you will need to pay Geo at a toll machine to unlock it, similar to your first encounter with The Last Stag, immediately strike the bell with The Nail after paying geo at a Stag Station's toll machine to summon The Last Stag. In addition, he will also share facts about the area of each station that has been unlocked and he will begin to remember the whereabouts of the Stag Nest. Listed below are the Stag Stations' locations and prices.

palace grounds secret stag station location hollow knight wiki guide

 There is one station that is a hidden room that can be found in the Palace Grounds, you can find it behind a wall that can be destroyed - its location is indicated above.

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After all of the Stag Stations have been unlocked, The Last Stag will be able to recall the location of the Stag Nest, allowing him to bring The Knight there. Once you are in the Stag Nest head to the east of the path where you will come across corpses of Stags, a Vessel Fragment and at the end, a lift, hop on it to reach the 2nd level.

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Now head to the western end of the area where you will find unhatched Stag Eggs along with one broken egg. Head back down and speak to The Last Stag where you will notice his name will change into Old Stag, this implies that there is still hope that his kind has survived the catastrophe and has ventured beyond the walls of Hallownest.

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This completes the quest and unlocks the Connection and Hope Trophy/Achievement.


Stag Stations' Locations and Prices

Stag Station Price (Geo)
Dirtmouth N/A
Forgotten Crossroads 50
Greenpath 140
Fungal Wastes - Queen's Station 120
Queen's Gardens 200
City of Tears - City Storerooms 200
City of Tears - King's Station 300
Resting Grounds N/A
Deepnest - Distant Village 250
Howling Cliffs - Stag Nest N/A
Palace Grounds (Hidden Station) 300


Secret of the Stagways Notes & Notable Loot

  • ??



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