The Grimm Troupe

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Reward/s Grimmchild
Charm Notch
Carefree Melody
Location Dirtmouth
Howling Cliffs
Prerequisite/s Summon the Grimm Troupe.

The Grimm Troupe is a Quest in Hollow Knight. Quests can provide rewards from items, unlocking Trophies/Achievements, and uncovering more information to the lore. Quests can only be activated by speaking to certain NPCs.

For this quest, you will have to gather flames for the Grimmchild and complete the flame ritual. You can choose to conspire with Brumm to banish the Grimm Troupe, or continue helping the Troupe Master Grimm with his tasks, and thus gain the flame master’s eternal protection and companionship.



The Grimm Troupe Objectives

Note that this quest has two possible endings that have different rewards and achievements depending on which path you'll be taking. This will also affect some of the items that will stay with you and also the NPCs that will remain in the game after finishing the quest.

  • Summon the Grimm Troupe.
  • Speak to Troupe Master Grimm.
  • Defeat all three Grimmkin Novices with the Grimmchild charm equipped.
  • Defeat all three Grimmkin Masters with the Grimmchild charm equipped.
  • Defeat all the Grimmkin Nightmares with the Grimmchild charm equipped.
  • (Option 1) Assist Brumm and banish the Grimm Troupe from Dirtmouth.
  • (Option 2) Follow through with the ritual and help Troupe Master Grimm.


The Grimm Troupe Locations


The Grimm Troupe Walkthrough

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In order to start this quest, players will need to summon the Grimm Troupe into town. And to do that you will need to make your way to Howling Cliffs (its location is indicated above).

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From there, you will find a breakable wall that can be destroyed with The Nail which leads to a secret passage where at the end, you will find the exoskeleton of a large beetle-like bug wearing a peculiar cloak over its head. At this stage of the game, we will assume that you have already acquired the Dream Nail which you will need to strike it at the body of the bug. Red lights will appear and dream gates will float in the background.

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After hitting the cloaked bug with the Dream Nail, head back to the previous path where you'll find a mystical furnace or brazier with an unlit torch that resembles a long-fingered claw. Strike the grate of the furnace multiple times for the torch around the area to burst out red flames along with music that will start to play. This will summon the Grimm Troupe and they will set up camp in Dirtmouth.

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Immediately head back to Dirtmouth and enter the large tent with two Grimmsteeds resting in between the entrance to find Troupe Master Grimm, speak to him to receive the Grimmchild charm and to learn about the task he will provide.

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After speaking to Grimm, open your map to find red flame pins which indicate the location of the multiple Grimmkin and their flames you will need to find and harvest (which is shown on the photo above). The first task will be easy since all you need to do is proceed to its location, defeat the Grimnkin Novice, absorb his flame and head back Troupe Master Grimm - returning to him will reward you with an upgraded Grimmchild and at the same time he will send you off again to collect three more flames.

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Up next, the second task will be similar to the first, as to proceed to the area with the flame pins marked on the map and harvest the flames, only this time the Grimmkin Novices have now been replaced by Grimmkin Masters and their location has been pushed further into the depths of Hallownest to make the quest a bit challenging - one can be found in King's Pass, one in Kingdom's Edge, and one in Resting Grounds.

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Once you've collected all three, head back to Dirtmouth and speak to Grimm which will trigger a boss battle. His attacks consist of emitting multiple pyrokinetic fiery projectiles, quick dash attacks both on the ground and mid-air and phasing spikes up through the ground. And upon entering his second and third phase, his movement increases and adds more projectiles to his attacks - after defeating him, he will upgrade the Grimmchild to his next phase as well as Charm Notch. Grimm will then ask you to harvest the last three flames to complete the ritual.

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After that's done, head outside and check your map to find the location of the last flames, where one is found in the Distant Village, one in the Fungal Wastes near the Mantis Village and one in the Ancient Basin. At this point, it will be more difficult to obtain the flames since it is now heavily guarded by Grimmkin Nightmares and are located even further compared to the first two tasks. As the same as before, defeat all three the Grimmkin and consume their flames before moving forward. Now you will have two options on how you would like to finish this quest. You can either betray Grimm by conspiring with Brumm to banish the Grimm Troupe from the town, or you can continue the task and deliver the remaining flames back to the Troupe Master Grimm. Whichever decision you make will impact on how the story ends, as well as the continuity of the game, and you will no longer be able to redo it after saving the game. 


Brumm and the Nightmare King Walkthrough

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If you choose this option, you will have to head back to the Howling Cliffs where the torch was lit to summon the troupe to find Brumm. Speak to him and he will tell you about defying his master and wanting to cast out the troupe, proving himself to be a traitor. After the dialogue, he will thrust his staff on the grate of the furnace, causing the mechanism to break. Shortly after, you will gain control of The Knight and you will have to continue striking the grate to destroy it - as you continue hitting it, the flames within the torch will explode and the screen will turn into white. The Knight will regain consciousness in the same area. The torch along with Brumm will disappear, implying that you have successfully banished the troupe.

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Doing this will have several consequences. First, the Grimmchild charm will disappear from your inventory. Second, the Grimm Troupe along with anything that is related to them disappears from Dirtmouth as well. Third, any fragile charm that is currently consumed and unrecovered from Divine will be left where her tent had been, and you can no longer upgrade any Fragile Charms into Unbreakable ones. And finally, a new NPC called Nymm (Brumm in disguise), who has supposedly lost his memories, will appear in town and provide the Carefree Melody charm upon talking to him. Choosing this path will also grant you with the Banishment Achievement/Trophy and close the quest. Nightmare King Grimm can still be fought in Godhome even after banishment.


Troupe Master Grimm and the Grimmchild Walkthrough

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In choosing this option, you will have to continue with completing the task and providing the flames to the Troupe Master Grimm. Upon collecting the last set of flames, head back to Dirtmouth and to Grimm's tent - you will notice that Brumm is no longer inside the tent and you can now walk further inside, where you will see Grimm upside down on the ceiling, sleeping in a bat-like position. From here, make sure you have equipped the Charms you prefer and have benched, since you will be ported into the dream world.

The boss fight with Nightmare King Grimm will initiate once you use the Dream Nail on Grimm. Nightmare King Grimm's attacks are similar to Troupe Master Grimm, with some additional moves, faster pace and more health.

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After defeating the Nightmare King Grimm, the screen will fade into white and The Knight will awaken outside with a fully evolved Grimmchild. Thus Master Grimm is reborn by the flames. Troupe Master Grimm's tent along with the Grimmsteeds will disappear; however, Divine will remain in town, which will give you the chance to upgrade any fragile charms into unbreakable ones. Choosing this path will also grant you with the Ritual Achievement/Trophy and close the quest.



The Grimm Troupe Notes & Notable Loot

  • Every time you return to Troupe Master Grimm, make sure you have the Grimmchild charm equipped.
  • If you head to Millibelle's stand while you have the Grimmchild charm equipped, he will consider her an enemy and will attack her to protect the Knight from the con-artist, making it impossible to speak to her.
  • If you exit the Lantern room before you break the brazier, Brumm will disappear and his quest to banish the Grimm Troupe will disappear forever.
  • If you chose to complete Brumm's quest, any unbreakable charms that you haven't acquired yet will not be obtainable anymore.
  • If Divine has a Charm that is currently consumed once you've banished the Grimm Troupe, you will see it will be left on the ground in its fragile form when you return to Dirtmouth.



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      I just banished them without knowing the whole DLC content will be removed. I also didn't get the unbreakable versions of the charms.

      I thought different dialogues would be the worst thing that could happen, so I stopped playing :(

      • Anonymous

        I just banished them without knowing the whole DLC content will be removed. I also didn't get the unbreakable versions of the charms.

        I thought different dialogues would be the worst thing that could happen, so I stopped playing :(

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          If I get the flame from Brumm can I still fight NKG, or am I locked out from fighting other Grimmkin Nightmares/ forced to banish

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