Locations in Hollow Knight consists of the ruins of the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest. At the surface of Hallownest also lies a small village called Dirtmouth where the last and surviving insects of Hallownest inhabit the village. The environment of Hallownest provides the player an opportunity of exploring and discovering exquisite areas that will allow you to understand and rediscover the secrets of the fallen kingdom.


Getting around Hollow Knight


Map and Quill

Exploration in Hollow Knight can be made effortless by purchasing a Map and Quill, this will allow The Knight to map a discovered area such as rooms, passages, and chambers that lie hidden within Hallownest. First, an incomplete map is needed that can be purchased from Cornifer, where usually, Cornifer appears each time a player defeats an area Boss. And the Quill can, later on, be purchased from Iselda - in case you miss the chance to interact with Cornifer, Iselda can also sell parts of the map for a higher rate. Once players have purchased both items and have discovered new areas, players need to locate and rest at a Bench in order to update the map.




Benches in Hollow Knight are checkpoints that are scattered around the map, The Knight can use the Bench for several reasons, such as a respawn area, restoration of Health, equipping and managing Charms, and to update the map. Some benches in the map can be used freely, while others require The Knight to pay a small amount of Geo by using a Toll Machine for it to be used - as you progress through the game, a Bench Pin can be purchased from Iselda that will allow the players to reveal the locations of each Bench in an area that has both been discovered and updated in the map.


Hollow Knight Locations

Locations in Hollow Knight features exquisite areas, enemies, bosses and unique items that the players can discover. Listed below is a map of Hallownest showing all the areas within the kingdom.

Map of Hallownest








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