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The Knight in Hollow Knight is the main protagonist that players will take control of.


The Knight General Information

The Knight was born a Vessel, a mystical insectoid being created by the higher beings The Pale King and The White Lady, made of Void, brought to life in the Abyss, a limbo-like place deep underground, far beneath Hallownest. In the Birthplace Cutscene, The Knight witnessed the Pale King removing the Hollow Knight, from the Abyss, just before they fell back down into their Birthplace with the rest of their Vessel siblings. The Abyss was then sealed up, but somehow, through unknown reasons (never explained in the game), the Knight and a number of their Vessel siblings escaped. The Knight was seemingly called back to Hallownest by the sealed Hollow Knight, as the Dreamers theorized, in order to put a stop to the Radiance’s reign of terror. 

In the City of Tears, Hornet metaphorically mentions to the Knight that they were born from “two voids”, one being the Void that the Knight was created within in the Abyss, and the other is an unknown region outside of Hallownest. The time that the Knight has spent wandering in the unknown had caused the Vessel to lose their memories, though it has also granted them a unique resilience and power. Hornet, though constantly bearing a great enmity toward them, grudgingly encourages the Knight to acquire the King’s Brand from the Wyrm’s Cast Off Shell, which she states will allow them to “claim himself as King of Hallownest. Once the Knight also obtains a Void Heart and retrieves their memories, they gain the power to unify the Void under their own will.

At the start of the game, the Knight starts off with an Old Nail as their sole weapon, and the ability to heal themself with the use of Soul. The Knight will be given access to new spells, powers, abilities, items, and upgrades that can be used to aid them throughout their bizarre journey.


The Knight Health and Soul

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Health Mask

The Health of the Knight is represented as masks that are shown on the upper-left corner of the screen. At the start of the game, The Knight starts off with 5 masks, and more can be obtained by finding Mask Shards. Players can use 4 Mask Shards in order to craft 1 new Health Mask. The Knight can hold up to a maximum number of 9 Health Masks. The Knight loses health by taking damage from enemies or environmental hazards. Health can be regained by either resting at a Bench or by using Focus.


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Soul Vessel

Soul Vessels are additional storage for SOUL. These are represented as small circles beside the main SOUL meter. It is represented as the small circles located beside the main SOUL meter. The Knight can acquire a total of 3 Soul Vessels in Hollow Knight. You would need to find 3 Vessel Fragments to be able to craft 1 Soul Vessel. Soul Vessels also transfers SOUL to the main meter when there is free space or when SOUL is not being used.

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Lifeblood Mask

Lifeblood Masks are temporary masks that cannot be healed or replenished when using Focus - these are granted by Lifeseeds and specific Charms. Lifeblood Masks will disappear once you rest at a bench, while Lifeblood Masks granted by Charms will tend to regenerate.

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SOUL is characterized as a circular mask that is found to the left, right next to the Health Masks. SOUL is used by The Knight to cast Spells such as Focus. Damaging enemies using the Nail is the primary source of regaining SOUL.


The Knight Equipment and Abilities


The Nail is The Knight's main weapon. It is used as a sword, swung offensively in any direction towards spikes, enemies or certain environmental objects. It is also The Knight's main tool used for traversing the depths of Hallownest. As you progress throughout the game, players can choose to upgrade The Nail and learn Nail Arts from Nailmasters to unlock devastating moves.



Charms are special items that can be acquired through completing quests, by finding certain charms through the environment or by purchasing it from Merchants. Charms provide certain enhancements that can be equipped to enhance The Knight's power and overall effectiveness in battle and survivability - this includes an increase of health, reduction of healing times, and many more.



Spells are mystical skills that the Knight can use that deals with supernatural attacks as well as replenishing The Knight's health. This can be first acquired from the Snail Shaman. Each spell can also be upgraded to a more potent version by locating hidden rooms throughout Hallownest. Spells are activated by using SOUL from the Knight's Soul Meter. This includes spells like Focus, Vengeful Spirit, and more.



Abilities are skills that The Knight acquires throughout the game; certain abilities provide an easier and effective way of traversing Hallownest's terrain and as well as engaging enemies in combat - this includes Mothwing Cloak, Monarch Wings, and more.


The Knight Gallery

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