Spells and Abilities in Hollow Knight  will be added on this page. As you progress through the game, The Knight acquires certain abilities and spells that will provide you an easier and effective way of traversing Hallownest's terrain and as well as to aid you in battling and surviving challenging foes.


Hollow Knight Spells and Abilities

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The Knight's primary source to conjure powerful offensive Spells and to regenerate its health is SOUL. It is characterized as a white energy that is extracted from hitting enemies with The Nail and from Soul Totems. The Knight can store a maximum of 99 SOUL and casting Spells or using Focus reduces the SOUL Meter by 33 SOUL. Eventually, players can find and equip the Spell Twister Charm that lowers the cost to 24 SOUL not including healing.

hollow knight wiki soul vessel icon

SOUL Vessels

SOUL Vessels are represented as The Knight's additional storage for SOUL if the SOUL Meter is full. Players can collect Vessel Fragments that can be used to craft SOUL Vessels - a total of 3 Vessel Fragments is required to craft one SOUL Vessel where each SOUL Vessel can hold a maximum of 33 SOUL. In the event of The Knight gains SOUL while the SOUL Meter is full, it will automatically be transferred to a SOUL Vessel that is either empty or has the lowest number. Automatically, collected SOUL from a SOUL Vessel will be transferred to the SOUL Meter if it is empty and if The Knight is not casting a Spell or using Focus.


Hollow Knight Spells

Spells in Hollow Knight  are considered as The Knight's Skills that is activated by either using Focus, Cast, or by using Quick Cast. All Spells requires 33 SOUL, and with a Spell Twister Charm equipped reduces the requirement to 24 SOUL. Unlocking and acquiring all 7 spells contributes towards a players goal of 100% Completion.

Icon Spell Function Location

hollow knight wiki abyss shriek spell
Abyss Shriek

Blast foes with screaming SOUL and Shadows. Use Howling Wraith on the pedestal at the bottom left of The Abyss

hollow knight wiki descending dark spell
Descending Dark

Strike the ground with a concentrated force of SOUL and Shadow. This force can destroy foes or breakthrough fragile structures. Snail Shaman's corpse at Crystal Peak in Crystallised Mound.

hollow knight wiki desolate dive spell
Desolate Dive

Strike the ground with a concentrated force of SOUL. This force can break through fragile structures. Defeat Soul Master in the City of Tears

hollow knight wiki focus spell

Focus collected SOUL to repair your shell and heal damage. Acquired from the start of the game

hollow knight wiki howling wraiths spell
Howling Wraiths

Blast foes with screaming SOUL. Next to the entrance to Queen's Gardens in the Overgrown Mound in Fog Canyon.

hollow knight wiki shade soul spell
Shade Soul

Conjure a shadow that will fly forward and burn foes in its path. Purchase the Elegant Key from Sly in Dirtmouth and unlock the locked door at Soul Sanctum in City of Tears.

hollow knight wiki vengeful spirit spell
Vengeful Spirit

Conjure a spirit that will fly forward and burn foes in its path. Given by the Snail Shaman at the Ancestral Mound in Forgotten Crossroads.


Hollow Knight Abilities

Abilities in Hollow Knight are listed below. The Knight acquires certain abilities throughout the game that provides The Knight an easier and effective way of traversing Hallownest's terrain and as well as engaging enemies in combat. Unlocking and acquiring all 10 abilities contributes towards a players goal of 100% Completion.

Icon Description Ability Function Location

hollow knight wiki awoken dream nail ability
Awoken Dream Nail

The power of the Dream Nail has fully awoken, allowing entry into certain protected memories. Allows the wielder to cut through the veil between dreams and waking. Can be used to reveal hidden dreams or open gateways. Collect 1800 Essence and speak to the Seer in the Resting Grounds.

hollow knight wiki crystal heart ability
Crystal Heart

The energy core of an old mining golem fashioned around a potent crystal. The crystal's energy can be channeled to launch the bearer forward at dangerous speeds. Reach the end of the platforming section on the middle-right side of Crystal Peak.

hollow knight wiki dreamgate ability

A gate allowing instantaneous travel, created with the Dreamnail. Allows the wielder to travel instantly through a dream. Some areas may lack a strong connection to any dream, disallowing use of the Dreamgate. Talk to the Seer in the Resting Grounds after earning 900 Essence.

hollow knight wiki dream nail ability
Dream Nail

The Dream Nail can collect Essence, remnants of wishes and dreams. Allows the wielder to cut through the veil between dreams and waking. Can be used to reveal hidden dreams or open gateways. The Dream Nail is acquired in the Resting Grounds by inspecting the Dreamer Statues.

hollow knight wiki ismas tear ability
Isma's Tear

Fruit formed from a single hardened tear. Once ingested it provides protection from the searing, acidic pools found in certain parts of Hallownest. Located in the Royal Waterways.

hollow knight wiki mantis claw ability
Mantis Claw

Claw carved from bone. Allows the wearer to cling to walls and leap off of them. Found at the middle-left section of Mantis Village. You'll need the Mothwing Cloak to access it.

hollow knight wiki monarch wings ability
Monarch Wings

Wings of ethereal matter that shimmer in the darkness. Allow one to jump again in mid-air. Beat the Broken Vessel in Ancient Basin and continue left.

hollow knight wiki mothwing cloak ability
Mothwing Cloak

Cloak threaded with mothwing strands. Allows the wearer to dash forwards along the ground or through the air. Defeat Hornet in Greenpath.

hollow knight wiki shade cloak ability
Shade Cloak

Cloak formed from the substance of the Abyss. Allows the wearer to dash through enemies and their attacks without taking damage. Found in the Abyss, in the rightmost section after the shadow sea. You have to stand in the shadow fountain and wait until you get the ability.

hollow knight wiki world sense ability
World Sense

Though bound, you shall know the state of the world. Allows the player to see their Completion percentage in their inventory and on their save file in the main menu. Also shows the number of enemies encountered and required in the Hunter’s Journal. Found in the Temple of the Black Egg once it has been opened by killing all three Dreamers.


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