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Hollow Knight is an epic 2D action-adventure where a courageous hero explores twisting caverns, battle tainted creatures and escape intricate traps, to solve an ancient long-hidden mystery. Featuring hand-drawn art and a compelling music score, players engage in intense acrobatic combat as well as challenging platforming to reach their goals and achieve the multiple endings of the game.


Hollow Knight Features

  • Classic side-scrolling action, with all the modern trimmings.
  • Tightly tuned 2D controls. Dodge, dash and slash your way through even the most deadly adversaries.
  • Explore a vast interconnected world of forgotten highways, overgrown wilds, and ruined cities.
  • Forge your own path! The world of Hallownest is expansive and open. Choose which paths you take, which enemies you face and find your own way forward.
  • Evolve with powerful new skills and abilities! Gain spells, strength, and speed. Leap to new heights on ethereal wings. Dash forward in a blazing flash. Blast foes with fiery Soul!
  • Equip Charms! Ancient relics that offer bizarre new powers and abilities. Choose your favourites and make your journey unique!
  • An enormous cast of cute and creepy characters all brought to life with traditional 2D frame-by-frame animation.
  • Over 140 enemies! 30 epic bosses! Face ferocious beasts and vanquish ancient knights on your quest through the kingdom. Track down every last twisted foe and add them to your Hunter's Journal!
  • Leap into minds with the Dream Nail. Uncover a whole other side to the characters you meet and the enemies you face.
  • Beautifully painted landscapes, with extravagant parallax, give a unique sense of depth to a side-on world.
  • Chart your journey with extensive mapping tools. Buy compasses, quills, maps, and pins to enhance your understanding of Hollow Knight’s many twisting landscapes.
  • A haunting, intimate score accompanies the player on their journey, composed by Christopher Larkin. The score echoes the majesty and sadness of a civilization brought to ruin.
  • Complete Hollow Knight to unlock Steel Soul Mode, the ultimate challenge!

Hollow Knight Release Details

Beneath the fading town of Dirtmouth sleeps an ancient, forgotten kingdom. Many are drawn beneath the surface searching for riches, or glory, or answers to old secrets. As the enigmatic Hollow Knight, you’ll traverse the depths, unravel its mysteries and conquer its evils.

  • Developer: Team Cherry
  • Release Date:  February 24th, 2017
  • Resolution & Frame-rate: 1920 x 1080, 60fps
  • Availability: PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One.
  • Website: hollowknight.com
  • Developer Website: teamcherry.com.au



Hollow Knight Media

Hollow Knight is defined by its unique art style and approach to world design. From mines to a forest palace or a challenging arena, each area is crafted beautifully and contrasts with the game's imposing pace and challenging gameplay.

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    • Anonymous

      I love the beautiful maps of each area that display pins to mark the locations of various objects / characters / bosses. One problem: I can’t seem to find a legend / key to define what the various pins represent! Can anyone help out here?

      • Anonymous

        Anyone else think Tiso is just a nice person? Although they do think rather highly of themself, I love just how confident they are! (Warning spoilers ahead: If you have not met Tiso past the well in Dirtmouth, do not proceed) I hate that they had to die...it would've been SO fun if you go to fight with Tiso in the Colosseum of Fools!

        • Anyone else absolutely love the Hollow Knight soundtracks? Christopher Larkin is a musical genius. Such a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. Grimm’s battle themes are like a *major* mood-booster for me - being a Grimmkin, it keeps my flame-soul alive. (^_^)♥️ I also love “Truth, Beauty & Hatred” (Grey Prince Zote’s theme), Pure Vessel’s theme (very ethereal and angelic), “Soul Sanctum” (which contains Soul Master’s incredible battle theme), and “Sealed Vessel” (which honestly brings tears to my eyes as I reflect on the agony of the Hollow Knight - so poignant...) “Pale Court” is great too. I’m curious to know, what does everyone else think of the music? What are your favourite tracks?

          • Wait, what the...? Why is there an icon of *Hornet* atop the main logo for this Hollow Knight wiki? Hornet and the Weaversong charm??? That doesn’t make sense at all... She’s not the main character or protagonist of HK — the Knight is... His face should be there on the logo, along with the Kingsoul or Voidheart charm. It would be nice if whomever made the graphic could simply correct and update it. There’s a completely separate wiki here for “Silksong”, so Hornet being on the logo here with the Weaversong charm as if the original Hollow Knight game is centered around her is flat-out bizarre. Please fix this with a logo that makes sense and honors the Knight as the main protagonist, if possible. (I could make it, but I don’t know how to upload images to this particular website.)

            • Anonymous

              It would be nice if the Fandom site allowed comments!
              It's always fun looking at complaints and discussions about certain enemies, locations, etc.

              • Anonymous

                Dark Souls, but only one type of weapon, no Fashion Souls, horrid graphics and lame enemies and bosses! This súcks!!!

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