Reward/s Mask Shard
Location Dirtmouth
Fungal Wastes
Prerequisite/s Rescue Bretta.

Bretta is a Quest in Hollow Knight. Quests can provide rewards from items, unlocking Trophies/Achievements, and uncovering more information to the lore. Quests can only be activated by speaking to NPCs.



Bretta Objectives


Bretta Locations


Bretta Walkthrough


To start things off, you will need to rescue Bretta from succumbing to the infection. She can be located in the southern area of Fungal Wastes near the Royal Waterways. The area is quite challenging to traverse, so you will need to acquire Monarch Wings, Mantis Claw, and Shade Cloak to aid you with reaching Bretta's location.


Once you've reached the platform, similar to Sly, you'll find an almost infected Bretta whos sanity comes back once you speak to her. She will thank you and return to her home in Dirtmouth - if you check your map for Dirtmouth, you will notice in the center that there are 5 egg-liked structures that are stuck to each other. Bretta's house is the one at the farthest right.


Now, you'll be able to unlock a new room, allowing you to step inside her house. And inside, you will find her sleeping, a Mask Shard as a reward, her diary for you to read, and at the background, trinkets that point out to The Knight which implies that she has grown affection towards The Knight for rescuing her and shows it by making figures and paintings of The Knight.

It may look like the quest has ended, but it doesn't stop there. As you continue your journey, you will encounter Zote the Mighty twice in Greenpath and Deepnest who seems to be caught up in the middle of danger, you'll encounter him almost being eaten and trapped, and you must save him twice before encountering him at the Colosseum of Fools. Once that is done, the third time you will encounter him will be at the Colosseum of Fools, where he will be the final boss at the Trial of the Warrior - all you have to do is defeat him to advance the quest.


After the most difficult battle and have defeated Zote THE Mighty, head back to Dirtmouth where you'll find a mesmerized Bretta speaking to the ever-mighty Zote. Listen in on the conversation where Bretta gets drawn in the conversation and story of Zote's quest of glory.


Once you're done listening to the conversation, head back to Bretta's house where you'll find all the trinkets created in the image of The Knight has now been replaced into portraits and entries of Zote the Mighty. However, it may look like her obsession stops there but a passage that leads to her basement is now unlocked. Inspect the middle part of her house to head down into the basement where you'll find a reimagined statue of Zote, the Grey Prince Zote. At this point, make sure you have the Dream Nail - as hitting the statue with the Dream Nail transports you into the dream world and boss arena of Grey Prince Zote.

To close this quest, defeat Grey Prince Zote 4 times. This will cause Bretta to leave Dirtmouth which explained by the Elderbug mentions that Bretta has left town to overcome her problem of obsession and worshipping heroes and wishes to discover herself - although he also mentions that she headed into the Howling Cliffs, Bretta is not found in the area.



Bretta Notes & Notable Loot

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    • I adore Zote so much. Poor grouchy fella was abused by his parents and ran away from home as a young child... Breaks my heart that he was so abused by the world that he grew bitter and ill-tempered. Truly he was frightened and just wanted to prove himself worthy. I find him very endearing even in his grouchiness - he reminds me of GrumpyCat. He’s such a well-developed and adorable character. He deserves love and friends to heal the deep sadness that plagues his heart. If you dream-nail him to read his thoughts, and listen to his Precepts, you will learn a lot about him. I’m glad he got some admiration from Bretta. He deserved it, and I love Grey Prince. I wish his quest was longer and there was a happier ending for both him and Bretta.

      • Anonymous

        I managed to reach her in the fungal caverns with only the dash and the wall jump abilities, you don't need the shade cloak or the monarch wings.

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