Dream No More

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Reward/s Void Heart
Unlocks an ending.
Location Temple of the Black Egg
Prerequisite/s Acquire the Void Heart

Dream No More is a Quest in Hollow Knight. Quests can provide rewards from items, unlocking Trophies/Achievements, and uncovering More information to the lore. Quests can only be activated by speaking to NPCs.



Dream No More Objectives


Dream No More Locations


Dream No More Walkthrough

To acquire this ending, you will need to obtain the Kingsoul charm that will later be replaced into the Void Heart. The Kingsoul is separated into two fragments where one can be obtained from The White Lady in Queen's Gardens and the other can be looted from the corpse of The Pale King in the White Palace.

Now, once you have the Kingsoul head to the bottom left side of The Abyss, where the floor will open a path which will lead towards the Birthplace. Simply follow the path until you've reached the end where you will find a broken egg, strike it with the Awoken Dream Nail to be transported into a memory that involves the Vessels and The Pale King, which will allow you to acquire the Void Heart.

After that is done and you have defeated the three Dreamers, make your way to the Temple of the Black Egg to face the Hollow Knight. You will find Hornet outside the entrance; with her typical prideful air, she mentions that she cannot join you since its aura will supposedly drain her strength. Continue into the temple where you will face the Hollow Knight.

Once you are in the battle and have weakened the Hollow Knight, Hornet will only help when the Hollow Knight at his weakest phase. She will jump in to restrain the Hollow Knight, and instead of striking him with The Nail, immediately use the Awoken Dream Nail to be transported into the Hollow Knight's mind to face The Radiance.

After striking the Radiance one last time, the battle will end with The Knight shifting into his Shade along with the Hollow Knight. The Hollow Knight (in his Shade form) tears open the face of the Radiance with his powerful hands, exposing the Radiance’s core of false light, and encouraging his brother to finish him off. With the Radiance fully paralyzed and held by the Hollow Knight, the Knight strikes at the ominously glowing core repeatedly, completely destroying the Radiance’s evil spirit. A short cinematic will follow, where you'll find Hornet barely surviving in the temple. She wakes up to find that The Infection has been expelled; she sees The Knight's shell broken in half - which implies that The Knight has returned to the Void, sacrificing himself, along with the Hollow Knight. Acquiring this ending unlocks the Dream No More Trophy/Achievement, completes not only the quest but the game as well.


Dream No More Notes & Notable Loot

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