Sharpened Nail


A traditional weapon of Hallownest restored to lethal form.
Damage: 9
Requirement/s: hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon250

Sharpened Nail is a type of Nail in Hollow Knightit is the main weapon that is used by The Knight that deals with basic attacks. It can be further upgraded to a stronger version by providing certain materials and by speaking to the Nailsmith.


How to use Sharpened Nail

  • Deals basic attacks. Simply press the attack button and the directional button/stick to look at which side a player needs to attack.
  • Looking up while attacking will allow The Knight to attack upwards, while jumping, looking down, and attacking will allow The Knight to pogo on an enemy while dealing damage.


Where to find Sharpened Nail



Sharpened Nail Notes & Tips

  • It is an upgraded version of the Old Nail.
  • This can be upgraded into a stronger Nail.



Channelled Nail  ♦  Coiled Nail  ♦  Old Nail  ♦  Pure Nail

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