Mantis Lords

mantis lords boss hollow knight wiki guide
Location Mantis Village
Health 1st phase: 210
2nd phase: 160+160
Total: 530
Reward/s Mark of Pride
Hallownest Seal

The Mantis Lords are a Boss in Hollow Knight. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large amount of health, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to perform multiple attacks such as using The Nail and Nail Arts along with the Spells and Abilities in order to defeat them. Some bosses are capable of entering into a state of stagger after landing a number of attacks on them.

As soon as you encounter a boss, its name will appear on the screen, the music will change into a boss battle theme, and usually,  paths connecting the arena will close or will be blocked leaving you no choice but to face these devastating and unique foes.


Leaders of the Mantis tribe and its finest warriors. They bear thin nail-lances and attack with blinding speed.

The Mantis tribe and the bugs of old Hallownest had no love for each other. The Mantises outlived their rivals though, and their civilisation still stands.


Mantis Lords Location


Mantis Lords Rewards



Mantis Lords Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Mantis Lords are probably the quickest boss you'll encounter, they are an optional boss and the only way to fight them is if you challenge them. Once you choose to do so, the battle will begin with the first Mantis Lord. All of them have the same three attacks which are the Boomerang, Charge, and Overhead attacks. The first mantis has more health compared to the other two, and once you've defeated the first mantis, the 2nd phase will begin where you'll fight the other two simultaneously.

Their pattern is pretty easy to follow since whatever attack the 2nd mantis does, the first will follow (meaning their first move will be random but all the following moves will be synced). However, their speed and ability to teleport and dance around the arena is what will make the battle difficult.

Recommended Charms: With Quick Focus equipped you'll regain health faster, meaning you can use smaller windows of opportunity. The best time to heal is when they use their boomerang attack. Grubsong is another helpful charm since you will most likely get hit by their attacks, especially in Phase 2. In the second phase, when the boomerangs fall straight down and off to the side, you can heal if you stand directly in the center, as the knight's hitbox is shrunk just enough that the boomerangs pass overhead.

With Thorns of Agony you can deal damage even after getting hit.

If you are planning to use your spells often, be sure to have Shaman Stone and Spell Twister equipped to maximize the effects of your spells. Vengeful Spirit is best used when they cling onto the wall and telegraph their boomerang attack while Desolate Dive and Howling Wraiths is a nice counter whenever they perform the overhead attack. Desolate Dive can also be used to avoid damage whenever the mantis lords dash across the bottom while doing large damage.

If you're having trouble beating them with the Old Nail, make sure to upgrade it by visiting the Nailsmith. It's better if you finish this fight quickly, as healing in it can be difficult.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Boomerang Watch for the position of the Mantis, if it clutches onto the lower part of the wall the projectile will start from the bottom and will rise up. If it positions itself onto the higher part of the wall, the projectile will start high and then to the bottom before it boomerangs back up
Charge Attack One of the Mantis Lords will jump onto the platform and charge in to attack. This can be avoided by jumping on top, you'll have the time to jump since there will be a slight delay before it dashes.
Overhead Attack Dash away once one of the Mantis jumps above you and drops onto your position. There is also a slight delay before it actually drops down.



Mantis Lords Lore

The Mantis Lords are unnamed mantisfly-like siblings of three who are the current leaders of the Mantis Tribe. Upon the spread of The Infection, they were able to resist and fight the plague all throughout the fall of the kingdom of Hallownest. The fourth sibling, the Traitor Lord, was exiled when he embraced the Infection.

The Mantis Lords have kept order within their tribe even during The Infection and have killed any intruders who would try to break that order. After the Pale King took over Hallownest, the Mantis Tribe struck a deal that the The Pale King would leave them be if the Mantis Tribe kept Deepnest out of the rest of the kingdom. A massive gate is present on the border between the two areas as a border, and after you defeat the Lords, the gate will open.

Mantis Lords Notes & Trivia

  • Unlocks the "Respect" Trophy/Achievement after defeating them.
  • The three Mantis Lords, unlike Traitor Lord, highly resemble insects known as mantisflies, not actual mantises. Traitor Lord resembles a true mantis. 



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    • Anonymous

      to get the reward you need to go to another door in the mantis village that opens up when you win the battle.

      • For some reason..... I just imagine these three being absolutely crazy-evil, sneaky and vicious, and hiding a very dark secret..... Heh, It’s been a weird head-canon of mine for a long time. :P

        Anyhow... These guys barely even look like mantises. They’re technically *not* praying mantises or any kind of mantis according to their bizarre morphology, but more so they are likely designed after mantidflies (which are not mantises at all). No idea why they on earth have stag-beetle horns, though... Maybe they are wearing them as crowns, seeing as they are monarchs and wearing those stag horns is a symbol of power or leadership in Hallownest? Hm...

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