Pale Ore

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Rare, pale metal that emanates an icy chill.

Prized by those who craft weapons.

Pale Ore is an Upgrade Item in Hollow Knight. Where to find Pale Ore, uses and more on this Pale Ore Guide: this is an upgrade item that is found throughout Hallownest and is given by various NPCs. Pale Ore is a needed requirement that is given to the Nailsmith to upgrade The Knight's Nail. Upgrade Items in Hollow Knight are items that are used to enhance The Knight's status such as health, SOUL, and his equipment. Some Quest Items can be purchased from a Merchant and some are scattered throughout the map.


Hollow Knight Pale Ore Usage

  • An upgrade item that is given to the Nailsmith in order to upgrade the Nail.
  • Your first upgrade for the Nail will only require you to pay 250 Geo, no Pale Ore required. Your Nail will then be upgraded from Old Nail to Sharpened Nail. The next upgrades will require you to pay a certain number of Geos and Pale Ores, increasing every upgrade.
  • Once you've been able to upgrade your nail to Sharpened Nail, you can then upgrade it to Channelled Nail for 800 Geo and 1 Pale Ore.
  • From the Channelled Nail, you can then upgrade it to Coiled Nail for 2,000 Geo and 2 Pale Ore.
  • The final upgrade for your nail is the Pure Nail, which you can get for 4,000 Geo and 3 Pale Ore.


How to Find Pale Ore in Hollow Knight

Acquiring a Pale Ore is no easy task, as it is one of the rarest items in Hollow Knight. You would have to scour every part of Hallownest and complete seemingly impossible challenges to acquire this item. There are a total of 6 Pale Ores in Hollow Knight, each with different task and challenges before it can be rewarded to you. Listed below are 6 ways on how you can obtain the Pale Ores.

On the east side of Kingdom's Edge, you'll find the Colosseum of Fools. You would have to beat the second trial named Trial of the Conqueror, which consists of 17 waves of enemies. You would have to defeat them while dealing with shifting walls and other hazards. If you manage to successfully complete the Trial of the Conqueror, you'll be rewarded with a piece of Pale Ore and about 1,700 to 2,024 Geo.

Another way to earn a piece of Pale Ore is by rescuing Grubs, you'll need to rescue 31 Grubs to be exact, then Grubfather will give you a Pale Ore. Rescuing Grubs can give you really good rewards along the way, so remember to always keep a lookout for Grubs whenever you're traveling across Hallownest.

A Pale Ore will also be rewarded once you beat the boss Nosk at Deepnest. You'll find him at the south part of Deepnest, you should be able to spot a hot spring. Then in a room to the west, there'll be a breakable room, that's how you access the secret room leading to Nosk's Lair. Nosk is an unpredictable boss and moves quick. This can be a tough battle if you aren't prepared, if you want to learn about how you can beat Nosk click here. Once you defeat him, you'll be rewarded with a Pale Ore.

You can also acquire a Pale Ore that is embedded on the statue of The Radiance at Crystal Peak. you'll find the statue at the top of Crystal Peak, and the area is called Hallownest's Crown. To get up there, you'll need the Mantis Claw and Monarch Wings. After reaching the summit, you'll find yourself in Hallownest's Crown. Look for the statue of The Radiance on the west part of the area, you'll see a Pale Ore embedded in the statue.

A Pale Ore can be found located in the Ancient Basin. You would need to go northwest of Ancient Basin, west of the Tram Station. It's guarded by 2 Lesser Mawleks, defeat them and grab the Pale Ore and you can be on your way.

Another Pale Ore can be obtained through a reward. You would just need to collect 300 Essence with the Dream Nail, then return to the Seer, she'll give you a Pale Ore for completing the task.


Pale Ore Notes & Tips

  • A total number of 6 Pale Ore can be found scattered throughout Hallownest.
  • To fully upgrade your nail, you would need to collect 7,060 Geo and 6 Pale Ore.


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