False Knight

false knight boss hollow knight wiki guide
Location Forgotten Crossroads
Health ??
Reward/s Geo
City Crest

False Knight is a Boss in Hollow Knight. Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large amount of health, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. You will need to perform multiple attacks such as using The Nail and Nail Arts along with the Spells and Abilities in order to defeat them. Some bosses are capable of entering into a state of stagger after landing a number of attacks on them.

As soon as you encounter a boss, its name will appear on the screen, the music will change into a boss battle theme, and usually,  paths connecting the arena will close or will be blocked leaving you no choice but to face these devastating and unique foes.


A maggot driven mad by a strange force. Inhabits a stolen armoured shell.

Weak creatures love to steal the strength of others. Their lives are brief and fearful, and they yearn to have the power to dominate those who have dominated them.


False Knight Location


False Knight Rewards



False Knight Strategies

Strategy Writeup

The False Knight can be found at the centre of the Forgotten Crossroads, this boss is one of the first few bosses to encounter. The False Knight may seem a formidable foe, but do not get overwhelmed by his appearance since his attacks at first are slow and can be avoided.

We will assume that you have chosen to face this boss in the early stage of the game and that you do not have that many charms, spells and abilities - The False Knight has three phases, where at first it will have three basic attacks, a leaping attack, a basic overhead slam attack, and a slamming shockwave attack. Keep in mind that the leaping attack is in conjunction with the overhead slam attack where it can bait you into thinking that it will only leap towards you. Always keep your distance or if you are close enough, try to dash or run towards the opposite direction and land a few strikes.

The leap attack deals damage upon contact and can also follow up with slamming its mace down which has a long reach, its third attack is a shockwave slam where The False Knight will slam the ground hard in place, releasing a shockwave that travels in a horizontal line towards The Knight - the only way to dodge this is to keep a distance and jump over the shockwave to avoid it.

Once you have inflicted enough damage, The False Knight will stagger where it will fall flat onto its belly, and reveal its face. This is your window of opportunity to strike it as much as you can. However, right after that, it will recover and enter its second phase. The False Knight will follow up with a fast attack where it slams the ground in an overhead arc from left to right that deals damage upon contact - in addition, since it is now in a state of rage, the shockwave slam will also cause rocks to fall from the ceiling.

The third phase will start after staggering The False Knight for the second time, it will start off similar to phase 2 where it slams its mace from left to right. However, for this phase, all attacks that consist of The False Knight slamming the ground with its mace will cause rocks to fall from the ceiling in random spots and gains an increase of speed.

The battle will end where it leaps away and lands on the ground causing it to break and falls down. Follow where it falls to find it lying on its belly and the maggot's face springing out of the armour - continue striking it until it explodes which implies that the boss battle has ended. The False Knight drops hollow knight wiki geo icon200 and the City Crest upon exploding/defeat.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
False Leap The False Knight will jump in the air towards The Knight's direction in order to close the gap or to follow up with slamming the ground with its mace. It is somehow a slow attack which allows you to watch its movement. So do not jump, be patient and wait for the opportunity to move around in case you are stuck in a sticky situation to avoid and keep your distance - deals damage upon contact.
False Slam This attack is a follow-up attack in conjunction with its leaping attack, the False Knight slams its mace on the ground after landing on the ground. It has a long reach, so keep your distance or try to move to the opposite direction to avoid the attack - deals damage upon contact.
Shockwave Slam This attack is also in conjunction with the leap attack. The False Knight may perform a mix-up with its attacks, instead of just slamming the ground, the False Knight emits a shockwave created after slamming the ground with its mace. The shockwave runs in a horizontal line towards The Knight's direction that deals damage upon contact.
Phase 2
First Tantrum After staggering The False Knight, it recovers and throws a tantrum. After recovering, it will slam its mace from left to right in place - deals damage upon contact.
Boulders from above In its second phase, after The False Knight slams its mace on the ground for a shockwave slam attack, boulders from the ceiling will fall down. These rocks will fall in random positions and do not lock onto The Knight's position - deals damage upon contact.
Phase 3
Second Tantrum After staggering The False Knight for the second time, it recovers and throws another tantrum by swinging its mace from left to right in place. Apart from dealing damage upon contact, it will also cause rocks to fall down the ceiling while slamming on the ground - in addition, all of its movement and attacks have increased speed.
Boulders from above In phase three, its regular slam attack along with the shockwave attack or any attack where The False Knight uses its mace to slam it on the ground will cause rocks to fall from the ceiling in random spots.



False Knight Lore

The False Knight is a Maggot driven mad by The Infection, though he is not evil, and his intentions are good - to protect his oppressed and tormented family members in the Crossroads. In some manner, he had stolen the armor of Hegemol, one of the five knights of Hallownest, and now uses it to eliminate those who cross his path so he may protect and spare the lives of his gravely oppressed brethren. Later on, upon returning to the Forgotten Crossroads after defeating him, you will find two other maggots weeping over his corpse and referring to him as their brother. After battling him again in his dream form Failed Champion, his sorrowing ghost will rise and explain to the Knight that the only reason he stole Hegemol’s armor and attacked others who came into his domain was to protect his family, the innocent maggots, who were being viciously preyed upon and forced into slavery by many in Infected Hallownest.

The mace he uses (known as Macebug) is actually a strange armored bug with tiny skittering feet that is found nowhere else in game; it crawls away once you have defeated the False Knight.


False Knight Notes & Trivia

  • Defeating the False Knight unlocks the "Falsehood" Trophy/Achievement.
  • In the first arena, after it falls down, you can obtain the Vengeful Spirit spell before jumping down and heading towards the next area instead.
  • The head of the mace of the False Knight is revealed to be another bug (Macebug) that can be bounced around with The Nail - it squeaks and stops moving when struck, and does not inflict any damage.
  • Hitting the corpse of the False Knight with the Dream Nail will initiate another boss fight to face the Failed Champion.



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    • Anonymous

      me after killing The False Knight:"there is a false knight among us"

      the maggots watching:''dude wtf you killed one of our family member that was protect us and u made a among us meme out of it''

      • I love this character and his brothers. The False Knight and his family (the innocent little “maggots”, which are actually large beetle grubs/larva based on their obvious appearance, and the fact that they “provide excellent provisions” according to the Hunter) deserve justice for how horribly they were treated. Treated like dirt, hated by ignorant brutes that deemed them worthless, devoured and/or forced into slavery... It’s no wonder False Knight longed to protect them - he had every right to defend his endangered family. His story in the game is very deep and incredibly sad... Makes me sick that the game encourages you to kill the innocent, frightened, defenseless brothers (who were mourning for their protector), and gives you no choice but to kill poor False Knight. He isn’t evil. He’s one of the most valiant warriors in the game. I wish you could save and protect him and his family...

        I’ve played through the entire 112% of Hollow Knight, and although I love so many of the characters and really enjoy the game in general, I hate the fact that this game has such a weak story, poor writing, too many holes in the plot and contradictions, and doesn’t give you more options to spare certain good yet misunderstood characters’ lives.

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