Forgotten Crossroads is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Forgotten Crossroads is an area that connects various parts of the Kingdom of Hallownest.


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Full Forgotten Crossroads Walkthrough

Meeting Quirrel

Upon dropping down the well, you'll now find yourself in the Forgotten Crossroads. Proceed to the right-hand side of the area where you'll find the entrance of the Temple of the Black Egg, along the way you'll encounter 1x Tiktik and 1x Wandering Husk. You'll meet Quirrel who's standing just outside a sealed "stone egg", there isn't much that you can do but to just speak to him as of the moment. After you've spoken to him, head back outside and head east into the next section.

Proceed forward where you'll encounter 2x Wandering Husk and 1x Husk Hornhead. Keep following the path heading east until you come across a large bug with a club which is 1x Husk Guard. Its attacks consist of it slamming the ground with its club and hopping backward where it releases a shockwave. Dodge its attacks and time your strikes until you've finally killed it. Just beyond it, you'll find a jar with a Grub inside it - destroy the jar to save the little critter and head back to the previous area, drop down one level and head west into the next section.

Finding Cornifer

In this section, you'll see 2x Vengefly flying above a cache of Geo. Kill the bugs and obtain the geo from the cache. Continue going left where you'll encounter spiked pits, 1x Vengefly, and 1x Husk Hornhead. Just keep heading left and into the next section where you'll encounter 2x Leaping Husk, 1x Wandering Husk and 1x Husk Hornhead.

Now, there will be more enemies in this room, there will be a Wandering Husk, Tiktik, Crawlid, and Vengefly. You'll also see another Grub but you won't be able to get to it since it is too high and you'll need Monarch Wings or Crystal Heart to reach it. However, there is a way you can get there as early as now. First, try to clear out the room and kill the Tiktik that are crawling around the elevated platforms and the Wandering Husk.

Once that's done, look a bit to your top left where you'll find a cache of Geo that is being guarded by a Vengefly, you can try to bait the Vengefly to follow you to the platform that is near the other platform where the Grub is. Once the Vengefly is close enough you can use it to pogo off it to reach the Grub. If you've reached the trapped Grub, break the jar to free it, then continue heading west. Don't forget to collect the cache of geo before heading forward.

You'll now find yourself at the central hub of the Forgotten Crossroads where there are countless enemies crawling and flying around. Simply drop all the way to the bottom part and then drop down to the next section. You'll then hear someone humming, drop down one level to your right where you can find Cornifer the cartographer. Cornifer can be found in newly discovered areas where he sells a map of the specific area he is in for a reasonable price, you'll want to try and find him first every time you come across a new area to buy a copy of the map. You'll be able to track him by following the trail of paper laying around and by the sound of him humming.

Talk to Cornifer and purchase the map of the Forgotten Crossroads for 30 Geo, he will then explain that his shop in Dirtmouth is open and that you can find his wife Iselda managing and selling items you need for exploration purposes. After talking to Cornifer, drop down to the bottom and continue left from the spiked pit.

Through the Depths of the Crossroads

In this new section, you'll encounter a centipede-like bug called a Goam that pops in and out from either the ground, wall, or ceiling, keep in mind that these enemies do not take any damage and are considered as environmental hazards. You'll find a cache at the top platform next to the first Goam you'll encounter, you can use it as a platform you can pogo off to reach the cache of Geo - collect the geo and continue heading west.

You'll now come across a section that has a pool of acid, kill the 1x Aspid Hunter blocking your path and continue left until you find the 3rd Grub, destroy the jar to free the bug. After that is done, retrace your steps back to the platform you dropped onto from where you met Cornifer and proceed to the right through the spiked pit.

Once you've reached the next section pass the spiked pit, jump up to the platform first and head to the top to find three caches of Geo, two on the ceiling and one on the right-hand side platform. Upon hitting the cache of geo on the right-hand side, you'll also find a breakable wall that leads to another cache of Geo and a path leading to a hot spring and a bench for you to use. Follow the path from the cache of geo, drow down one level and continue to your right to find the hot spring and bench.

When you're done resting, head back outside, drop down to the bottom where the gates will close once you enter and you'll be attacked by 2x Aspid Hunter. Kill the two enemies for the gates to re-open. Once the gates are open, from the bottom part, head to your left and go all the way down to find three more caches of Geo - collect the geo and head back to the previous room and this time, go east.

Upon arriving in the next section, first, head down to find another cache of Geo that is guarded by 1x Wandering Husk, kill it and collect the Geo. Head back up and go towards the path where there are Goams alongside 1x Vengefly. Once you've passed the Goam and Vengefly, you can find another cache of Geo next to another Goam. Time your movement to reach it, collect the geo, and then head back up to continue going east.

From here continue going right where you'll encounter 2x Vengefly and path with Goam until you reach the next section where you'll find a Stag Station sign to your right. For now, head to the bottom part and continue going east where you'll encounter 1x Leaping Husk and a SOUL Totem at the upper right-hand side. Kill the enemy, collect SOUL from the totem, then proceed into the next room that will lead you to the Gruz Mother.

Boss Battle, Gruz Mother

Once you're inside the room, continue going right until you find the Gruz Mother sleeping. You'll have to fight and defeat her to unlock the path across her. To start the fight, strike her with The Nail to wake her up. You can click here to view the strategies on how to defeat her. Just take note that she has 2 phases, the first is by fighter her and upon defeating her, about 7-8 Gruzzers will burst out from her stomach. You'll have to kill all of it to unlock the gates. Gruz Mother drops Geo upon defeat.

Save Sly

After defeating the Gruz Mother, head to the right and drop down where you'll find a shop. This is where you can find Salubra a shopkeeper who sells various Charms and Charm Notches, you'll need Mantis Claw or Monarch Wings to reach her shop, so for now, head to the left-hand side where you'll find a cave-like house. Go inside where you'll find an almost infected bug named Sly, talk to him and he will regain his sanity. By doing so, he will return to Dirtmouth and open his shop. After speaking to him, retrace your steps and head back to the arena where you fought the Gruz Mother, only this time, from the left side, jump up to the platforms and through the top exit.

Rescue More Grubs

Once you're in the next section head up where you'll encounter 3x Aspid Mother as you ascend. In the middle part of the room there is a sign leading to a train station, currently, you won't be able to use it but you can find a cache of Geo just below the train station.

Upon collecting the geo by the train station, head back to the previous room and head back up. Instead of heading to the top, you'll find another section on the left-hand side you can go to, head there to find the fourth Grub.

Now, you'll encounter a room that has clear and spiked elevated platforms. You'll have to use your downward slash to pogo off the spiked platforms to reach the Grub to your left. Rescue the Grub, head back to the previous room and continue heading to the top.

At the top, you'll find another cache of Geo to your right that has a path with spikes, you can reach it by just hopping on the spikes. After you've collected the Geo, carry on to your left and into the next section.

You'll now encounter a new enemy, 2x Husk Warrior. They carry a shield with them so upon striking them first they will raise their shield and follow up with swinging their nail forward three times. Take the time to fake out your attack then jump over it to strike them from behind, clear out the enemies blocking your path and continue going left.

Once you've passed the enemies, jump up one platform to your left and strike the wall to reveal a hidden room. You'll find 2x Aspid Hunter guarding the fifth trapped Grub -  you can also head to the top part of the room to find a switch that you can activate to open up a shortcut.

Call out The Last Stag

After rescuing the fifth grub, head to the very bottom part of the room where you'll find a stag sign pointing to the left. Enter the section where you'll find a bench you can rest on and a toll machine to activate the stag station. Pay 50 Geo to unlock the station and strike the bell with The Nail to call out The Last Stag. Talk to him to learn more about the stag stations, use this opportunity to travel back to Dirtmouth to visit the newly opened shops of Iselda and Sly, but make sure to purchase the Wayward Compass charm and Quill as you will need it now for exploration purposes. Once you've checked out the shops in Dirtmouth, head back to Forgotten Crossroads station and save the game by resting on the bench.

Boss battle, the False Knight

From the stag station, head back outside and go up to the mid-level of the area where you'll find the next section to your left, go inside where you'll find 1x Husk Guard. Kill it and continue heading left where you'll encounter 1x Leaping Husk and a Wandering Husk. As you enter the next section, you'll encounter a locked gate at the end, head up and again to your left to a path where you'll encounter more Wandering Husk and a Husk Hornhead.

Upon killing the bugs and walking further to the left, the False Knight will fall down from the ceiling and the gates will close prompting a boss battle. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss. Upon defeating him, he will slam his weapon on the ground causing the ground to break and himself to fall down to the area where the locked gate was. In order to unlock it, you'll have to keep striking his head until he dies.

Once the gates are open pick up the City Crest dropped by the False Knight, then continue going to your left and jump on the elevated platforms to reach a chest filled with Geo. Hit it to open it and obtain the Geo inside of it. After collecting the Geo, head back down and continue going to your left into the next section. You'll find a switch to the left that will take you back to where Cornifer was and heading up will lead you to a sub-area, the Ancestral Mound.



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forgotten crossroads map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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