The Pale King

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Location Only appears as a memory.

The Pale King is an NPC in Hollow Knight. The Pale King was the king of Hallownest and also the White Palace and is a mate to The White Lady.


The Pale King Information

The Pale King, previously referred to as a Wyrm, reduced his form to the size and appearance of most of the bugs in Hallownest to show equality. After he transformed, he granted the bugs in Hallownest sapience, insight and knowledge in order for them to follow him towards the rise of Hallownest. The Pale King was rarely seen outside of his palace, but he had innumerable devotees and followers who strongly believed that The Pale King created the world they live in. His worshippers grew in numbers, gaining followers such as the moth tribe and the mushrooms living at the Fungal Wastes, who glorified him.

During The Pale King's rule, The Radiance grew envious and wanted to be remembered again before it was completely forgotten; in doing so, the Radiance purposely created a plague called The Infection in order to force the bugs of Hallownest to recall it and worship it by appearing in their dreams and hypnotizing them. However, The Pale King had the ability of foresight and was able to predict and anticipate the Radiance’s malevolent plan. The Pale King's countered the Radiance by sealing it using a Vessel, beings created by him and The White Lady using Void. He also tasked three bugs to become the defenders of the Temple of the Black Egg (who are known as the Dreamers) to create a seal that would contain the purest Vessel (The Hollow Knight) and The Radiance. Eventually, the chosen Sealed Vessel could no longer contain the infection.

At some point in time, The Infection started to leak and spread out and infected the minds and bodies of the bugs of Hallownest once more. The White Palace disappeared as well. The Godseeker claims that The Pale King's existence has been wiped out and the cause of his death is still unclear. 

  • Location: The Pale King Can be found as a memory at the White Palace, Path of Pain, and The Abyss.
  • Progression: The Pale King's body can be found in his throne room, still seated upon his throne.
  • Combat: Players may not kill The Pale King.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



No cost too great.

No mind to think.

No will to break.

No voice to cry suffering.

Born of God and Void.

You shall seal the blinding light that plagues their dreams.

You are the Vessel.

You are the Hollow Knight.


Notes & Tips

  • The Pale King is responsible for most structures created in Hallownest, including the Stagways and Tram that was built for traveling within the kingdom.



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