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(Excluding The Hive, Resting Grounds, and The Abyss)

Cornifer is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Cornifer is the game's cartographer who produces and sells maps of all the major areas.


Cornifer Information

Cornifer immediately set forth and wandered off when he was first hatched. Throughout his journey, he meets his wife Iselda and decides to move to Dirtmouth. He specializes in studying and making maps and sells it to The Knight if you newly encounter an area and find him. Players will be able to know if he is around when there are paper scattered on the ground - which leads to his location. Cornifer can be first encountered at the Forgotten Crossroads where he sells you the map for hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon30 and advises you to visit his wife, Iselda and her shop in Dirtmouth. Cornifer moves to another area if a player defeats the area's boss and leaves a note mentioning that you can purchase the map at Iselda's shop for an "excellent" price.

  • Location: Cornifer Can be first encountered at the Forgotten Crossroads.
  • Progression: Cornifer moves to all areas except The HiveThe Abyss, and Resting Grounds for each time an area boss has been defeated. While if all the maps have been purchased, he can be found in Iselda's shop, sleeping.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Cornifer.
  • Rewards: Acquiring all areas of the map unlocks the Cartographer Trophy/Achievement.


Associated Quests

  • N/A


Cornifer's Maps Price List



Hmm? Ah, hello there. Come down to explore these beautiful old ruins?

Don't mind me... I've a fondness for exploring myself. Getting lost and finding your way again is a pleasure like no other.

We're exquisitely lucky, you and I... I'm a cartographer by trade, and I'm working on mapping this area right now.

Would you like to buy a copy of my work so far?


Notes & Tips

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