Lurien the Watcher

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Location Watcher's Spire

Lurien the Watcher is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Lurien the Watcher is one of the three Dreamers and was known as the "Watcher" of Hallownest.


Lurien the Watcher Information

Lurien the Watcher, who resides at the top of Watcher's Spire in the City of Tears, is the most loyal Dreamer to the Pale King. His title of "The Watcher" was given to him for constantly watching the City Of Tears though his telescope at the top of his spire. He is guarded by Watcher Knights, large armored beetles who were his servants before they became Infected.

At the top of the Spire, Lurien’s devoted butler, shown to be a Cowardly Husk, remains guarding him, watching over his bed as he sleeps (though not much is known about the butler aside from Lurien mentioning him in his journal, which can be found and read in a hidden nook in the Spire). Lurien volunteered to become a Dreamer, and he shows a great admiration for the Pale King. 

  • Location: Lurien the Watcher Can be found at the top of Watcher's Spire in the City of Tears
  • Combat: Players will need to strike his physical sleeping body with the Dream Nail to enter the Dream World where they can find his vulnerable state which can be destroyed by The Nail and absorbed by using FOCUS.
  • Rewards: Breaks their seal of the Temple of the Black Egg.


Associated Quests



...For King beloved...

...To sleep. To serve...

...Bonds must remain...



Notes & Tips

  • Lurien’s insectoid species is unknown. He is the most enigmatic of the Dreamers, but the most loyal to the Pale King and Hallownest. His body shape, seen partly beneath his robes, is oddly reminiscent to that of a Kingsmould.
  • You can find and read some of Lurien’s writings in a journal within a hidden nook at the top of the Watcher’s Spire.
  • Lurien’s devoted butler, a timid Cowardly Husk (also mentioned in Lurien’s journal), still watches over him in his resting place in the Spire. The butler appears to be Infected due to his glowing eyes, but he is not hostile, and immediately runs away from the Knight. He remains there even after Lurien has been defeated.
  • While his precise occupation is unknown, his title and the environmental clues at the Watcher's Spire suggest he was spying on the bugs of Hallownest for the Pale King.



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    • Lurien is my favourite Dreamer. Definitely the *best* Dreamer, so mysterious (and possibly a Void-based insectoid?)
      I love his role as a wise, brilliant, and noble spiritual guardian, and his utmost devotion to PK and Hallownest - but there is so little information about him, it is quite frustrating. He deserves a much bigger role - TC barely touched on him... Disappointing...

      Also, very sad for his butler, the Cowardly Husk still watching over him as he sleeps at the top of the Spire... I keep the poor little butler alive so he will be healed from the Infection like Myla...

      • Anonymous

        Lurien was definitely a void construct made by the king
        Probably one of the first void constructs created. I think that this make perfect sense
        Lurien was always curious about life and things that's why he was known as Lurien the Watcher. He was made by the king, The king decided to give him a tower, and when no one would volunteer to be a dreamer he used a thing that would listen to his every command like a void construct, Lurien the watcher

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