Mantis Youth

Location Fungal Wastes
Mantis Village
Health 15
Drops hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon5

Mantis Youth is an enemy in Hollow Knight. The enemies are creatures that have succumbed into The Infection and has turned them into hostile beings who are determined to kill anyone who crosses their path. Acquiring the Hunter's Journal allows The Knight to acquire additional notes on an encountered and defeated enemy such as bits and pieces of lore, information on how to deal with the enemy, and information on The Hunter.


Member of a proud tribe, fiercely protective of its territory. Launches stinging attacks with its needle sharp abdomen.

As it grows, it loses the ability to fly. Passage into adulthood is often celebrated, but as time goes by we realise what we have lost.


Mantis Youth Location


Mantis Youth Rewards

  • hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon5


Mantis Youth Notes & Tips

  • A Mantis Youth is usually found clinging onto a wall or ceiling. Once you are within its range, it will fly in to ambush The Knight and flies back up to avoid any incoming attacks.
  • These creatures become non-hostile after defeating the Mantis Lords. However, they will still retaliate if you try to attack them or gets caught up with attacks using spells.


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    • Strange creatures... The “mantis youths” of Hallownest act and look way more like wasps than mantises. Look at those teeny squinty eyes - true mantises have bulbous and incredibly complex compound eyes, making them superior hunters in the insect world. Stingers? No legs? Just wings? Mantis nymphs are not born that way... They hatch from their eggs looking like minuscule (and adorable, I must say) versions of adult mantises, and they just grow larger and plumper.

      Though there are many amazing and very unique mantis species all over the world, mantises do *not* have stingers (they hunt with the sharp spines on their raptorial forelegs that prevent prey from escaping once caught in their grasp, and their sharp mandibles ferociously gnaw through the hard exoskeletons of their prey), nor do they lose their ability to fly when they mature... True mantises in fact become more skilled in their ability to fly as they grow up, especially when they fly at night to find mates.

      I love entomology, hence why I’m really into this game, but Ari did not seem to care to make it accurate to true insects/bugs and their behaviors and appearances at all. I don’t think he’s into entomology; based on what he wrote, he just wanted to draw funky “bugs” (no hate or judgement toward him, btw - just an observation). I love mantises especially (they are my favourite insects, along with honeybees, beetles, and moths), but I personally found the mantises in this game (aside from TL and his kin) rather odd and disappointing (just my opinion).

      I realize it’s a fantasy game, stylized as such, but the true world of insects is so complex and fascinating, absolutely beautiful and inspiring. This game could be improved exponentially if more people who appreciated entomology and were good story-writers joined the team... I enjoy writing my own personal stories true to real insects based on this game and its characters, as it has inspired me so much in my enthusiasm for the world of insects, but I’d love to be a writer for Team Cherry. They desperately need a writer who appreciates insects (and who isn’t a nihilist obsessed with death and doom and gloom...).

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