Fungal Wastes is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Fungal Wastes is an area that is filled with spores and enemies that look like mushrooms, you'll find the Mantis Village to the south-hand side and the main entrance of the City of Tears to the east-hand side of the map.


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  • 1x Charm Notch

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Fungal Wastes Walkthrough

The Path Leading to the Fungal Wastes

We'll start off at the Stag Station of Greenpath. To get to the Fungal Wastes, you'll need to pass through Fog Canyon from Greenpath to get there. From the Stag Station, head all the way down into the section where you'll encounter structures that has thorns. Now, head right into the next section then just continue going right. You should find yourself in the section where you'll encounter a Moss Charger whenever you hop onto the surface - fight your way through the enemies until you reach the eastern end into the section that has multiple Obble, continue going east and then drop down into the exit below, you can find a bench at the east section. When you're done resting, proceed west. and go all the way to the bottom towards the southeast, you'll notice you'll be entering Fog Canyon when you see bubbles around the entrance below.

Now from the Fog Canyon, head southwest at the bottom and then head east into the next section then head all the way to the bottom part of the area where you'll find a sign pointing to a Stag Station that is actually a sub-area called the Queen's Station which is on your right.

Sub-Area: Queen's Station

Enter the sub-area and drop down one level to find Quirrel. After speaking to him, go down another level and then head west to find another NPC called Willoh, a giraffe-looking bug. You'll see her poking her head into the ceiling and eating the fungus. After speaking to her, head back outside and go all the way to the bottom then head left to find the Stag Station for the Queen's Station, you'll find a bench next to the Toll Machine where you'll need to pay 120 Geo to open the station - when you're done head back all the way to the top and head east towards the Fungal Wastes.

Finding Cornifer

As soon as you enter the Fungal Wastes, you'll encounter a new enemy called a Fungoon, it attacks by spraying a toxic gas if you are underneath it. Our goal as of the moment is to find the cartographer Cornifer to obtain the map of the Fungal Wastes. So continue going east until you encounter 2x Fungling flying above an elevated platform. If you need to replenish SOUL, you can kill it first and then head down into the next section where you'll hear Cornifer humming.

From here, go all the way to the bottom and then go left where you'll find him sitting at the corner. Speak to him and pay 75 Geo to obtain a copy of the map - once you've obtained the map, head back up to where you entered.

To the Mantis Village

Once you're back to where you fought the 2x Fungling, jump on the elevated platform, go east then drop down to the bottom part of the section where you'll encounter a Husk Hornhead, a Fungified Husk alongside a Fungoon. Be careful when dealing with the Fungified Husk since it will release a toxic cloud when you hit it and it will explode after a second once you kill it.

From here, head to the top left and then to the top right where you'll encounter another enemy called a Sporg, they can be found sticking on the wall or ceiling where they'll attack you by shooting a green ball towards you - continue heading to the top right corner where you'll find 1x Hallownest Seal. When you've obtained the item, head all the way down and back to where you encountered the Fungified Husk, proceed to the next section to your right and head to the top just below the locked door where you can enter the next section to your right.

You should find yourself in an area where you'll first encounter a Shrumal Warrior and Shrumeling, you'll have to head to the top and go left into the next section where you can locate the switch to the locked door you saw earlier, unlocking the door will provide you a shortcut during your exploration - from the switch, head up to the path that will lead you to an arena of 2x Shrumal Ogre.

Fighting the Shurmal Ogre

Upon arriving, you'll find two Shrumal Ogre sleeping and 3x Shrumeling. To start the battle, kill the Shrumeling and the two beasts will wake up. Fighting them is easy, just try to walk close it and then dash away to bait it to slam its head on the ground in quick succession then immediately dash in to attack it, you can also use Vengeful Spirit to deal damage from afar. However, it will also spit out an orange blob if you are too far. So be mindful of its two types of attacks. Once both of them are dead, a Charm Notch will drop from the ceiling, pick up the upgrade and proceed east.

Meeting the Leg Eater

When you've passed the section from the arena of the Shrumal Ogres, jump up on the elevated platforms first and proceed to the northeast side section next to a corpse of a bug where you can find a bench and a merchant called the Leg Eater. The Leg Eater sells fragile type charms in exchange for Geo, in order to view his inventory, you'll have to speak to him and provide an initial payment of 86 Geo to "see something nice". Upon paying him the amount, you'll be able to purchase the fragile type charms that he has. Take note that these fragile type charms break whenever you die, in the event that it breaks, you can have it repaired by going back to Leg Eater in exchange for Geo.

Once you're done, head back outside and head all the way down going east towards the sign leading to the Mantis Village. Continue going east where you'll encounter 2x Shrumal Warrior then southeast into the next section. You should encounter another Fungoon as soon as you enter the room - now go all the way to the bottom part and proceed west.

Walk along the long path and then stand in the middle where an NPC will emerge from the ground, here you'll meet Cloth. Talk to her and she'll warn you about the danger that lies beyond the village. Enter the next section after talking to her and go all the way to the bottom part of the area where you'll see Hornet again who will retreat towards the section to your right, you won't be able to reach her yet since you need the Mantis Claw ability to traverse the area. So for now, ignore her, head west and drop down into the exit to find 2x Ambloom and 2x caches of Geo to your right. Kill the enemies and collect the geo.

After collecting the Geo, follow the path and head all the way down towards the southeast side into the next section. You should now find yourself in the first section of the Mantis Village where you'll encounter a Mantis Warrior.



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fungal wastes map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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