Location Recent death location of The Knight.
Health Changes based on The Knight's total health and Type of Nail.
Drops All Geo lost upon death.

Shade is an enemy in Hollow Knight. The enemies are creatures that have succumbed into The Infection and has turned them into hostile beings who are determined to kill anyone who crosses their path. Acquiring the Hunter's Journal allows The Knight to acquire additional notes on an encountered and defeated enemy such as bits and pieces of lore, information on how to deal with the enemy, and information on The Hunter.


Echo of a previous life. Defeat it to retake its power and become whole.

Each of us leaves an imprint of something when we die. A stain on the world. I don't know how much longer this kingdom can bear the weight of so many past lives...


Shade Location


Shade Rewards

  • Recover all lost Geo upon death.
  • Replenish The Knight's SOUL Meter to normal.


Shade Notes & Tips

  • Upon dying, the Shade will appear at the area where The Knight recently died or the area/room before the death location.
  • Upon killing the Shade, The Knight recovers all lost Geo along with the SOUL Meter returning to normal. In the event that The Knight dies again before finding The Shade, a new Shade will appear at the new location and the old Shade will disappear along with whichever amount of Geo it had. The new Shade, however, will now carry whichever new amount of Geo it will hold onto that The Knight has collected before dying the 2nd time around.
  • To find out if you are approaching The Shade, an eerie melody will start to play which notifies the player that The Shade is around. Once you engage in battle, The Shade will also strike by using The Nail and will conjure whatever Spells The Knight has learned.
  • The Shade's health depends on the Type of Nail that The Knight has along with the number of Health Masks The Knight has:
    • For example, if The Knight has a Coiled Nail that has 17 Damage and has 9 Health Masks, The Shade's health will be 68. Where if The Knight has a Pure Nail that has 21 Damage and has 8 Health Masks, The Shades health will result in 84 HP.
    • The health of The Shade is calculated by the Nail damage multiplied by half of the number of Health Masks that The Knight has.
  • Striking The Shade with a Dream Nail will instantly kill it regardless of whichever amount of HP it has.
  • If you are having trouble finding The Shade or have forgotten its location, you can simply talk to Confessor Jiji in Dirtmouth to have it summoned in exchange for a Rancid Egg.


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