Howling Cliffs is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Howling Cliffs is a wasteland located at the northwestern end of Hallownest, it is filled with corpses of bugs and heavily populated by enemies


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Howling Cliffs Walkthrough

Getting into the Howling Cliffs

There are a couple of ways to reach Howling Cliffs, but for this walkthrough, we'll take the path from Dirtmouth. From Dirtmouth, head to the west end side and back to the entrance leading to the town which is from King's Pass. Retrace your course back to where you landed at the beginning of the game and go west to find a secret path. You'll notice that there is a path at the top which you couldn't reach earlier, but with the Monarch Wings and Mantis Claw, you'll be able to reach and climb up to the top until you respectively arrive at the Howling Cliffs.

Nailmaster Mato

Upon arriving at the Howling Cliffs, head west until you reach the part of the area that has elevated platforms. From there, you'll want to drop down to the bottom of the spiked pit until you reach a corpse of a bug and a Nail then head east and enter the hut. You'll find a Bench that you can use and also Nailmaster Mato to your right. Speak to him and he'll teach you the Cyclone Slash Nail Art. Once that's done, head back outside, jump back up, then continue going west via the elevated platforms until you reach the tombstone of the mystic creature Gorb. Its spirit will appear on top of its tombstone only if you have acquired the Dream Nail.

Boss Battle, Gorb

To start the battle, speak to Gorb and then challenge it to a fight. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat this boss - upon defeating Gorb, speak to it again to acquire your reward of 100 Essence.

Finding Cornifer

After the battle, head west towards the middle part of the room to find the next section. You'll want to drop down to the bottom east side until you find a trail of paper and hear Cornifer's humming which will lead you to where he is. Speak to him to purchase a copy of the map for 75 Geo.

Exploring the Howling Cliffs

Once you've acquired the map, head west until you reach the end where a gush of wind will stop you from pushing further which indicates it to be a dead end. This will then cause you to fall down to the very bottom where you'll find 1x King's Idol next to a broken statue. You'll also find a Whispering Root tree at the top east side where you can acquire Essence. When you're done, head back to where Cornifer is.

Acquiring Joni's Blessing

From Cornifer's location, head east into the next section which will lead you to a sub-area called Joni's Repose. Continue heading east, drop down when you reach the end and then continue following the path until you reach the bottom spiked pit. Be careful trying to get across, since you'll encounter Leaping Husks and Vengeflys. Just follow the path until you reach the entrance of the next section that has blue butterfly-like flowers at the background. And once you're in, continue heading east and then drop down to the bottom where you'll find the Joni's Blessing charm by the altar. When you're done, head back to Dirtmouth to prepare for the next location, Kingdom's Edge.



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howling cliffs map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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