Deepnest is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Deepnest is a hidden location that is found deep within the southwest corner of Hallownest where spiders and deadly critters inhabit a maze-like area.


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Deepnest Walkthrough

Heading into Deepnest

There are two ways to get into Deepnest, first is through the Mantis Village via the arena of the Mantis Lords and second is dropping down into the area via the Fungal Wastes, it is recommended to enter Deepnest by dropping into the area via the Fungal Wastes where you can acquire 1x Mask Shard. From here, walk a bit to either the right or left side and the ground will break where you'll respectively find yourself in Deepnest. Now, head left and climb up the first passage you see then continue going to the top-left corner of the room to find Cornifer hiding behind a rock, speak to him to buy a copy of the map for 38 Geo.

Acquiring a Vessel Fragment

Once you've acquired the map, continue going west, around the narrow caverns and then all the way down to find a Hot Spring and a bench for you to use. From the bench, to your right you'll be entering a section that has narrow passageways that are filled with Garpede enemies, these creatures are considered as environmental hazards and cannot be killed. Before acquiring the Vessel Fragment, you'll want to take a detour and further explore the area.

Upon entering the narrow passageways, head east until you reach an opening that you can drop down into. From here, you can dash to your left to find a secret room containing a corpse of a Garpede, inspecting it will allow you to add details regarding the enemy in the Hunter's Journal. Continue sliding down the wall and then dash through the opening to your right to find a path that is being blocked by a stream of void. This path leads to the Sharp Shadow charm but can only be crossed if you've upgraded the Mothwing Cloak ability into the Shade Cloak. So for now, head back up into the previous section where the Garpedes are. Another point of interest that you can find is the Ancient Tramway, and in order for you to reach it, you'll have to go through the narrow passageways and try to head southeast until you reach the entrance leading to the tram. 

For now, you can ignore that and try to make your way to the northwestern side of the section until you reach a section you can jump up to. Once you've arrived, you'll notice that you'll be standing on the edge of the surface and that you'll have to cross to make it to the other side. In order to cross, you'll have to pogo off the Garpede while it moves. Eventually, you'll reach the end where you'll encounter a Garpede crawling vertically - before you continue there’s a breakable wall to the right with a Soul Totem behind it.

After you've replenished your SOUL, you'll need to reach the top. And in order to get there, you'll have to pogo off the head of the Garpede until you reach the top. From there, continue going west where you'll find 1x Vessel Fragment. Once that's done, continue to your left through a shortcut that will take you back to the bench and hot spring.

Rescue a Grub

From the bench and hot spring, head west into the next section. You'll encounter a Wandering Husk that transforms into a Corpse Creeper after a short while upon dying. Upon entering, jump up to the 2nd level and then activate the Crystal Heart ability to fly across to your left. Once you've landed on the wall, hit it with The Nail to destroy the wall which reveals a secret path leading to the Grub. You'll find the little critter just below the secret room.

The Path to Nosk

After freeing the Grub, you can find another secret path that leads to an optional boss called Nosk. From where the Grub was, jump up onto the ledge and strike the wall with The Nail which will break that reveals a secret path. This path leads to the den of the creature who has the ability to mimic the image of any bugs and uses it to lure its prey into its lair. Simply follow the path where you'll find a mimic of The Knight as you push through, and eventually, you'll end up in the arena of this boss.

Boss Battle, Nosk

Upon entering the arena, you'll find your doppelganger standing in the middle. After a short while, the gates will close and the creature will start to contort and reveal its true form to be the Nosk. You can click here to learn more about the strategies to defeat this boss - upon defeating Nosk, the gates will re-open and you can find 1x Pale Ore at the right-hand side of the arena inside a room. From here, you'll want to retrace your steps back to the previous section that opened up the path leading to the Grub. You can head back to the bench to save your game, but when you're done, head back to the room and this time head up to the passages towards the northwest side then going up the northeast side to reach the next section.

Rescue Zote the Mighty. Again.

Once you've entered the section, you'll instantly hear Zote the Mighty struggling. In order to reach him, you'll have to work your way around the section counterclockwise until you reach a mini-arena filled with multiple Corpse Creepers where you'll have to fight three waves of these enemies. After surviving the last wave, the web that is blocking the path at the bottom right will disappear, allowing you to enter the section where Zote  is. You'll find him entangled in the webs, hit the web once to free him then speak to him. After that's done, head west until you reach the end where you can pick up 1x King's Idol then retrace your steps back the way you entered until you reach a sign that points out to a bench, follow it to reach a bench near the failed tramway.

Rescue a Grub

Upon reaching the bench, head back down one level and go east until you reach the next section. You should find yourself inside another section that has narrow passageways and Garpedes. Make your way to the top and into the next section where you'll find small platforms and pits filled with bugs and spikes.

From here, you'll have to reach the section that is on the top northeastern side of the room. And in order to get there, head west from the pit and platforms and jump up to the 2nd level. Simply follow the path until you reach the top which requires you to use the Crystal Heart ability to fly across the other side, once you've made it across, drop down into the passageway where you'll find the entrance leading into the next section. 

The Grub is located inside a secret room. And in order to find that room, simply walk east until you reach the end then climb up the wall onto the ledge. You can break the wall with The Nail which opens up the entrance into the secret room that is filled with Grubs.

Now, do not break the jars first once you see the Grub. There is a total of 4 jars in the room where three of these are Mimics and only one is the true Grub. You'll find the third Grub to be the real one among the rest. After rescuing the little critter, head back to the bench near the failed tramway to save your game.

The Distant Village

Make your way to the far west side of the map where you'll find yourself at the distant village. From here, head to the center of the room and enter the structure. You'll find a couple of Distant Villagers inside and a bench in the middle of the room, if you speak to them, they'll welcome you and advise you to take a rest and sit on the bench.

Upon sitting on the bench, an eerie sound will begin to play and The Knight will find himself stuck on the bench, the villagers will then walk up to The Knight and the screen will turn black. A few moments later, The Knight will awaken stuck in a web. Keep pressing the attack button to break out of the web - you'll now find yourself in the Beast's Den.

The Beast's Den

The Beast's Den is where you can find the chambers of one of the Dreamers, Herrah the Beast. So make sure you find her body before leaving the area. Upon breaking free from the web, head east and make your way to the top area of the location. Simply follow the path and head all the way to the top where you'll find the body of Herrah the Beast. Use the Dream Nail on her to enter the Dream World where you'll find her vulnerable state - once you find her, simply hit her a few times with the nail and use FOCUS to absorb her which will cause her seal on the Temple of the Black Egg to break.

After destroying Herrah, and if you've fought Hornet in Kingdom's Edge, Hornet will appear and we'll learn that Herrah is her mother. From here, head to the bottom left where you'll find a bench and an opening that will take you back to where the Distant Villagers were. Up next, Howling Cliffs.


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    • Ah, yes... Deepnest... Also known as the seventh circle of Hell... Now we know what it looks like and feels like to traverse. How lovely...

      (Quirrel at the hot spring was my only solace, God bless his beautiful, angelic pill-bug soul. This game needed an optimist amidst all the nihilistic horrors, and that sweet pudgy angel did his job with flying colours!)

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        Shouldn’t we mention the stag station in the Distant Village at least? It helps get out and to a safer environment quickly, while helping complete the quest.

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