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The Last Stag is an NPC in Hollow Knight. The Last Stag is a large beetle that helps The Knight fast travel from one stag station to another within Hallownest.


The Last Stag Information

The Last Stag is the last surviving stag beetle in Hallownest, he can be found when a player finds a Stag Station (there is one in Dirtmouth). Each time a Stag Station is unlocked, he mentions how he used to carry passengers when he was young and that the highways and crossroads of Hallownest were full of life. After unlocking all Stag Stations, he finds the Stag Nest and is given hope that there are other Stags that may have survived and made their way out into the wider world.

  • Location: The Last Stag Can be found at the Stag Station of Dirtmouth
  • Combat: Players may not kill The Last Stag.
  • Rewards: Unlocking half of the Stag Stations grants the Connection Trophy/Achievement, while unlocking all stations and discovering the Stag Nest grants the Hope Trophy/Achievement.


Associated Quests

  • Secret of the Stagways: Unlock all Stag Stations for The Last Stag to eventually remember the location of the Stag Nest. Make your way to the Stag Nest after it has been discovered and learn that there may be hope for other stags. Afterward, his name will change from The Last Stag to Old Stag.


Stag Stations' Location

You'll find an image below of all the Stag Stations that can be unlocked, there are 9 Stag Stations that need to be discovered before The Last Stag discovers the Stag Nest. Speak to him to have the Stag Nest available for fast travel - you may click on the image below for a higher resolution.


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Greetings, little one! It's been an age since I last heard the ringing of a station bell. It echoed down the stagways and called me to you.

I've grown stiff and tired over these many years and I've forgotten much, but the sound of the bell will always call me back.

These stagways stretch the depths of Hallownest. If you want to travel them, hail me from the platform. I will take you where you need to go.


Notes & Tips

  • You'll find the stag nest filled with Stag corpses. However, there are also freshly hatched eggs that point out to the possibility that there are surviving Stags.



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    • I always found it odd that he’s called a “stag” beetle, when he’s actually a rhinoceros beetle, specifically a type of ox beetle based on his design and morphology. Makes sense that he would be an ox beetle, as oxen are used to carry heavy loads, and are known for their strength. TC really didn’t seem to care that the bug characters they designed were given the correct names or proper identification as specific insect species (same mistakes happened with the adorable “Maggots” that are actually beetle grubs, and the green “Grubs” that are actually caterpillars). Maybe TC thought “The Last Stag” sounded more majestic than “The Last Ox”? I love entomology, so I wish the game was more accurate in that respect, even though it’s a fantasy game.

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